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On our special holiday show, we honor a lost legend with “Dark Water” and get in the holiday spirit with “Christmas Bloody Christmas”.

Dark Water

Arriving with all the late packages and last-minute stocking stuffers is the Christmas horror movie edition of our humble little podcast. True, we covered a holiday horror film that we had a lot of fun with during the last episode, but this one has a real Christmas vibe —  plus, a Robo Santa on a killing spree.


The end of the year is right around the corner. And if you guessed there would not be much movie news, you would be mostly correct. Still, there was some surprising news regarding deceptive trailers and the legal recourse audiences now have. We also show off our ignorance of the Insidious franchise and talk about Barbie.

Last week, cinema lost one of its most creative voices in Angelo Badalamenti. We wanted to remember him by covering one of the many films he scored. Unfortunately, we picked 2005’s Dark Water. The music is not bad, but it is not a good example of Badalamenti’s talent.

The movie stars Jennifer Connelly and has John C. Reilly and Tim Roth. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that the acting is top-notch.

As for the actual plot? We talk about missed opportunities, a busy story in which nothing really seems to happen, and try to figure out what exactly dark water is.

Last week, we reviewed a movie that Regina felt did not have a Christmas feel to it.

Christmas Bloody Christmas

This week, we cover a film that not only has the word Christmas in the title — twice! — there is also a killer robotic Santa Claus. As awesome as that is, Christmas Bloody Christmas also includes some of the most obnoxious characters of the year.

Was the yuletide violence enough to overcome its annoying protagonists?

Not only does the end of December have some new releases, but we also get some of the most interesting ones of the year!

You can watch Christmas Bloody Christmas on Shudder and rent Dark Water on Hulu. 


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