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We chat about Chattanooga and a couple of the genre films that stood out to us this year: “The Bigfoot Trap” and “Mind Body Spirit”.

The Bigfoot Trap

The Bigfoot Trap

We begin, as always, with a recap of the week’s horror news.

When we spoke about the disappearance of Julian Sands in January, we took for granted that we would be found. Regrettably, his remains were found this week. He was a great actor who will be missed.

There has been too much talk about comic book movies on this show lately. But the casting of Superman and Lois Lane is impossible to ignore. We give our opinions on the new actors and what it means for the DC Extended Universe.

Then we move on to our two featured films out of the Chattanooga Film Fest.

It has been a while since we talked about cryptids. Our first review from Chattanooga is a look at America’s most famous mythical beast. At least, that is what it sounds like. Can you have a movie called The Bigfoot Trap and have no Bigfoot?

That is not the case here, but it sure does come close. Instead of being a story about the creature, the film focuses on its two main characters. It is a mixed bag that comes together in one of the best endings we have seen this year. But is it enough to save the movie?

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit

For our second film, we venture into the world of found footage.

We love found-footage movies. Though we are not the biggest fans of the term POV movie, that does not take away from our enjoyment of the sub-genre. (We are just cranky old men who have a problem when it comes to change.)

Mind Body Spirit appealed to us because it is classic found footage with a modern sensibility. There are some creepy moments, some pretty neat gore, and, yes, a computer cam.

The film did a lot to impress us. So what stopped it from being something special?


Last week, we talked about a type of movie they really don’t make anymore: Mad Heidi.


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