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Things get wild as we pay tribute to a lost legend with a look back at 2001’s “Venomous” and joyfully embrace the madness of “Mad Heidi”.



We start the show with a tale of two box offices.

It does not come as a surprise The Flash has underperformed at the box office. It was definitely a combination of superhero fatigue, the DCEU never catching on, and Ezra Miller’s past problems. But what factored in the most? And how far up his own butt is Wes Anderson?

Next, we have our movie spotlight. 

The passing of Treat Williams was a significant blow to genre cinema. Treat has been around for decades and was a great leading man. We decided to cover one of his more recent movies. And who would have thought that the best Covid movie ever was made over twenty years ago?

Surprisingly, Venomous was never mentioned during the phase when everyone was locked at home watching movies about global pandemics. From lockdowns to masks to citizens being subjected to fake news, the film about genetically engineered rattlesnakes is like a crystal ball from 2001. The great use of stock footage, big explosions, and frightening snakes pushed it over the top.

Mad Heidi

Mad Heidi

Then it’s on to our featured new movie review. 

They do not make movies like Mad Heidi.

It is an exploitation movie, pure and simple. With a great mix of sex appeal and over-the-top violence, it will appeal to fans of old-school grindhouse offerings without pushing away modern audiences.

Few indie movies are as franchise-ready, and Alice Lucy, as the titular character absolutely shines.


Last week, we talked about the best indie and genre films we’ve had the pleasure of watching so far this year.


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