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This week on the podcast: It’s a tantalizing triple feature of real-life inspired horror, influential sci-fi scares, and sexy erotic thrills.

Veronica (2017)

There have been some clear trends on this show since we started a few years ago. Looking back, we found we love to talk about “based on a true story” horror films, as well as sci-fi and erotic horror. For this week’s special episode, we planned a fun triple feature where we visit three films from our show’s popular sub-genres. You could say this episode is very us-core!


Horror movies based on true events have become increasingly popular over the years, so we’ve discussed quite a few of them on this show.

This week, we check out one of the most buzzed-about films from the past decade: 2017’s Veronica, the Spanish film billed as Netflix’s “scariest movie ever” upon release.

Veronica explores a 1991 incident in which a girl played with an Ouija board and mysteriously died three years later. Take a chilling premise and throw in a blind nun named Sister Death, and you can probably guess what sort of film you’re in for.

For those expecting a straightforward spookfest, Veronica works hard not to disappoint — hitting viewers with a barrage of very horror trope imaginable. But is that a good thing? And is a kick-ass soundtrack enough to save the day?

On one of our episodes, we questioned whether there was anything truly different sci-fi horror could offer at this point.

Cube (1997)

While we still are not sure of the answer to that question, that has not stopped us from truly enjoying the sub-genre. (Fun drinking game: listen back over the years and take a shot every time Danny mentions The Faculty.)

This week, we pick a beloved sci-fi horror cult classic and discuss if it deserves the hype it often receives.

Whenever you watch a movie that is a few decades old, it’s inevitable to ask, “How well has it held up?” Cube was a sci-fi horror phenomenon in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But almost a quarter of a century later, flaws in the writing, over-the-top characters, and one Deux ex Machina too many stand out.

There is no doubting the impact Cube has had on horror — often cited as a heavy influence for the wildly popular Saw series — but does it deserve to be recognized as one of the best ever?

Finally, Erotic Horror has been a favorite topic of discussion on this show, so we had to include an example for this special episode.


Piercing (2018)

Piercing is a strange little horror movie about a man preparing to meticulously murder a prostitute.

This stylish flick boasts a great soundtrack and manages to be both visually eye-catching and discomforting. Yet, it’s definitely not for everyone.

We discuss what makes this film so intriguing — and also so polarizing.

You can currently stream Veronica and Piercing on Netflix, and catch Cube for free on Tubi. 


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