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We dive into two bigger-than-life films — from a supersized killer spider in “Sting” to a screen titan, Bruce Lee, in “Enter the Clones”.

We begin, as always, by discussing the latest horror, film, and entertainment news.

Decades ago, Anne Rice showed us that placing vampires in the southern United States usually leads to great storytelling. While it is all rumors, there may be a new horror movie using the same formula. With names like Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan attached, it sounds interesting.

Killer clowns have been a thing for a very long time. You would figure that two guys who love horror movies would dig. However, neither of us is excited about the next Terrifier installment, and we discuss why. We may not care for the franchise, but we have some things to say about it.

Then, it’s on to our spotlight film review, the latest from Shudder. 


There was a time when sci-fi horror movies packed drive-throughs around the country. Sting sounds like a throwback to that time.

The story is about a young girl who finds a tiny space spider. As it grows in size, its appetite grows with it. What’s a preteen girl to do?

Is it possible for one character to ruin an otherwise fun little horror movie? What if everyone else is quirky and fun?

There is a lot of good to say about Sting, but the stuff that is bad really stands out. Still, there is excellent production and some great scare shots.

For our featured presentation, we take some time to honor a master of his craft, the incomparable Bruce Lee. 

It is impossible to overstate the impact of Bruce Lee.

We have fond memories of him from when we were kids. Playing with nunchucks, watching Game of Death over and over, and even (as stated in this week’s feature presentation Enter the Clones of Bruce) not believing he was a real person. He was larger than life, more a superhero than a human.

The documentary directed by David Gregory is a fantastic one that focuses on one of the strangest sub-genres of film that exists. The film explores the Bruce Lee exploitation craze, also known as Bruceploitation.

In between stories of stand-ins from around the world and directors willing to sink to unbelievable lows is a story about a man who was admired by the entire world.

Enter the Clones of Bruce is a fantastic look at guerilla filmmaking that also remembers an absolute legend.

Enter the Clones of Bruce will be available from Severin Films on digital platforms beginning 4/30 and on Blu-ray on 5/21.

Watch the trailer.


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