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As things heat up at the summer box office and on digital, we dive into “The Flood” and check out the odd resurrection of a recent cult hit.

Final Cut

We begin, as always, with talk of the latest horror headlines.

It is the summer blockbuster season, and that means week after week of memorable movies and huge box offices. At least, it did in previous years. We talk about the surprising successes and failures, the great showing of recent horror releases, and whether there will be a bonafide hit during the biggest movie time of the year.

Alita: Battle Angel came and went without much fanfare. When one of our biggest memories is the fact that a certain subset of people supported the film for the dumbest reason, you know there is not much to the actual movie. So, it came as a huge surprise when James Cameron recently mentioned how there is not one, but two, sequels planned for the film.

Then, it’s on to our featured film reviews, with a creature feature trying to make a big summer splash and a surprising remake out of France. 

The Flood seems like a fun premise. A huge storm in Louisiana provides the perfect coverage for a daring prison break. Unfortunately, some incredibly angry alligators have different plans. Throw in plenty of fodder and some pretty gnarly gator kills, and it sounds like a good time for all.

Yet, it somehow does not work. From overpowered characters to strange decisions, the film never seems able to find its way.

The Flood

It is a great example of a recent trend in Hollywood. This is arguably the best-looking and simultaneously less sexy time in cinema ever. Does this lack of sex appeal hurt movies? Not necessarily. But it can add a layer to characters and storytelling when done right. But would it have helped The Flood?

One Cut of the Dead is one of the most heartwarming and interesting success stories in cinema history. Still, it is surprising that a remake would come out of France — from an Oscar-winning director!

Final Cut is a loving remake that does not change much from the original.

We debate the effectiveness of the characters and talk about the manipulative ending that somehow works.


Last week, we talked about Biosphere, one of the strangest and most creative movies of the year.


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