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This week, we review two wildly different films, the newly released “Bootyology” and the upcoming true-crime thriller “The Black Mass”.

Bootyology (2023)

We begin as we always do by diving into the latest and greatest horror news.

Barbie finally relinquished the top box office spot in a close race. It was extremely close and did nothing to make us believe that the pink phenom is done at theaters. The question becomes, will it reclaim number one? We also talk about National Cinema Day and why 50 Cent is so pissed.

Then it’s on to our new movie spotlight.

Bootyology is a refreshing change of pace. Even the silliest movies we cover have an air of seriousness around them. This mockumentary about two white rappers who rap exclusively about butts has nothing serious to say, however. But is it too silly? Its subject matter means it is going to go for low-hanging fruit. And as awesome as The Booty Boys are, the duo are incredibly dumb. Bootyology then becomes a case of whether the pros outweigh the cons.

On the other end of the spectrum is this week’s feature presentation.

The Black Mass (2023)

The Black Mass is a true crime thriller about the twenty-four hours leading up to a gruesome rampage. It is methodical, creepy, and has a third act that is hard to stomach. It also revolves around one of the most overused subjects in true crime.

Devanny Pinn did not make it easy for herself in her feature debut. We have talked about our dislike of Bundy films. Even if you ignore the fact that he is always glamorized, there is just a glut of releases centered around him.

The Black Mass strips away all of the serial killer’s power and focuses on the evil around him. But did Pinn do enough to make it stand out?


Last week, we talked with filmmaker Zach Passero about his animated feature, The Weird Kidz.


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