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We discuss two anticipated new releases and ask what’s better, an elevated but inaccessible film or a schlocky but entertaining mess?

Enys Men

Enys Men

It’s a strange episode this week as we talk about a well-done movie that we did not find entertaining and an objectively bad movie that was a whole lot of fun. And why are we discussing an upcoming stand-up comedy special? We also compare drugged-up animals and remember Ricou Browning.


Ricou Browning is one of the most important figures in horror. His iconic work on The Creature From the Black Lagoon is still studied and an inspiration today. The character has proven to be timeless, as horror fans of all ages know and love the Creature. We talk about our memories of the man and the movie.

Cocaine Bear was never high on our list of priorities. It’s a funny idea; it just isn’t enough to get us to want to rush out and spend our money. Make it a more realistic story involving meth and a gator, however…

Thankfully, The Asylum is here to give fans what they want, and it doesn’t include Elizabeth Banks.

After catching up on horror happenings, we dive into our featured presentation. 

Enys Men is everything you would expect an arthouse horror movie to be.

Undoubtedly, this will be a lot of people’s favorite film of the year. There is no denying it is beautifully shot and tells a creepy story. The acting is also top-notch, which is incredibly important since it is essentially a one-person show.

But if it does not keep the audience entertained, does any of it matter?

We discuss pretentious film fans versus those of us who like to watch movies. Taste is subjective, and no opinion matters more. But when the filmmaker goes out of their way to provide an experience instead of telling a story, someone has to call them out.

In sharp contrast, we take a look at another recent release with far less lofty ambitions. 

Children of the Corn

Stephen King has cemented his name in horror and pop culture. No matter how bad an adaption of one of his works is, there is no way it could sully his legacy. Right?

The latest iteration of Children of the Corn follows the basic premise of the 1977 short story. A group of creepy kids takes over a small town in rural Nebraska. Its been given some modern touches (corn has never been more important), but it does not deviate much from the source material.

Is this the worse King adaptation ever?

It certainly is one of the most nonsensical, with strange character motivations, shoddy editing, and a complete lack of development past the protagonist and antagonist. Despite its (many) flaws, how did it manage to be entertaining?

Enys Men is scheduled to hit theaters on March 31, 2023. Children of the Corn was released in an 18-day theatrical window on March 3, 2023, and will be released by Shudder on March 21, 2023. 


Last week, we celebrated Black History Month with a look at two Black Horror films, including one of the most critically lauded movies of 2022, Nanny.


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