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We dive into the depths of the murky unknown to explore two unique new release horror films, “Gods of the Deep” and “Out of Darkness”.

Gods of the Deep

Gods of the Deep

We begin, as always, with news of what’s happening in the world of horror.

It seems like cult movies are a thing of the past. Sure, there are ones that find a big following on streaming networks, but it is not the same as the little films with the outrageous box art that was always rented out. They were the movies whose titles would spring up constantly, even though they never played at a theater.

Those days are definitely long gone, but one indie film is making noise in the United Kingdom.

We have talked a lot about the inglorious fall of the Alien franchise. We have also discussed how Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead) constantly disappoints us. Now that the two are together (for the upcoming Alien: Romulus, is there any hope for either?

Then, it’s on to our featured film reviews. 

Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

Gods of the Deep does not mess around. This means there is no character development and little in terms of story and plot. But there is lots of Lovecraft. And the special effects are some of the best to be found in indie cinema.

It is a brave decision to forgo pretty much everything that is supposed to make a movie worth watching. Does Gods of the Deep pull it off?

Even bolder and more daring is writing a movie with made-up language and setting it 45,000 years ago.

Out of Darkness does just that and gives it a horror twist.

We talk about the surprising depth, how scary it managed to be, and whether it was still too pretentious.


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