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Though derided upon release, the hallucinogenic “City of the Living Dead” has earned its cult following with memorable and shocking sequences.

City of the Living Dead

This week it’s Josh’s pick, and he went with a Spookshow first, a Lucio Fulci movie, “City of the Living Dead” (1980) aka “The Gates of Hell”!


City of the Living Dead (Italian: Paura nella città dei morti viventi, also released as The Gates of Hell) is a 1980 Italian supernatural horror film co-written and directed by Lucio Fulci. It follows a priest whose suicide opens a gateway to hell that releases the undead. A psychic and a reporter team up to close it before All Saints’ Day.

City of the Living Dead was developed after the financial success of Fulci’s previous film, Zombi 2, leading him to work with screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti to write a new horror film inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Upon release, the film received criticism for its performances, plot, and graphic violence, but like many of Fulci’s films, it has developed a cult following. It is the first film in Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy.

A reviewer in the Italian newspaper La Stampa referred to the film as “not recommended for easily impressionable viewers” and added that the film was a sign that Fulci had “reached expressive maturity,” with a story that grew progressively to make an “expressive nightmarish atmosphere,” concluding that the film was a “grand guignol spectacle.”


We discussed VHS collecting with Cory J. Gorski, author of VHS Collecting: The Modern Relevance of Home Video.

At one point, nearly the whole world bought and rented tapes. The video store was king. Then, almost overnight, it crumbled. However, you can still find folks buying and collecting old tapes. Is it an obsession? Why do they lust after such an obscure and antiquated format? What was it about the video store and VHS that changed the way we consume entertainment altogether? Corey’s entertaining and insightful book serves as a deep dive into the world of videotape collecting.


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