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Horror and Lovecraft fans, don’t miss this killer chat with director Ryan Smith, the man behind the musical-horror film “Eldritch USA”.


On this musical episode, the guys welcome Eldritch USA writer and director Ryan Smith! We discuss writing a horror musical, other horror musicals, theatre, being a Ryan, how Bryans are lame, and so much more! TUNE IN OR ELSE!

Ryan Smith is known for his work with short films, particularly THE TERRIBLE OLD MAN, a H.P. Lovecraft short story that he adapted for the screen and produced — it was an official selection for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. He has over ten years of experience producing creative and commercial film projects for large corporations and local non-profits.

Ryan’s upcoming film ELDRITCH, USA, was produced by Passive Aggressive Films, a Springfield-based production company owned by Smith, who wrote, directed, produced, edited, and completed special visual effects for the film. As a serious horror fan, he pulled inspiration from H.P Lovecraft, Bruce Campbell, and films like Evil Dead and The Army of Darkness.

Smith also co-wrote the film’s music with his nephew Nathan Hurley, a member of the Joplin-based rock band Fox Royale. Together, Smith and Hurley wrote ten original songs for the film, which Hurley performed with his band.

Eldritch USA is an energetic Lovecraftian horror/comedy/musical about sibling rivalry, a backwoods cult, and the lengths we’ll go to to right a wrong.  Get ready for cults, banjos, and murders galore!

The film is coming soon to a film festival near you. Keep up with the film and find a screening near you on the film’s website.


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