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This week on the Bloodhound Pix Podcast, it’s a Cinema Obscura double feature with a deep dive into “Combat Shock” and “The Other Hell”.

Whether possessed by trauma-induced insanity or the Devil himself, this month’s Cinema Obscura double feature takes us on a wickedly fun descent into madness. Say your prayers and arm up, boys… we’re going in! 


It’s the first Tuesday of the month! Which means Bloodhound Pix is releasing this month’s Cinema Obscura episode. 

Prepare yourself for a double feature of the obscure and independent cinema that the horror genre has to offer. Each episode, Craig, Josh, and Kyle will tackle two movies in an episode that’s one-part highlight and one-part retrospective review. The films may be hidden gems, dumb fun, so bad they’re good, torture films, movies “only a mother could love,” or some combination. But someone on our team deems them worthy of a viewing.

This week, we discuss Josh’s back to back sleaze double feature of Combat Shock (1984) and The Other Hell (1981). In Buddy Giovinazzo’s grim masterpiece: Combat Shock, we draw parallels to exploitation, underground films, and Eraserhead. And in Bruno Mattei’s nunsploitation giallo, The Other Hell, all bets are off.  These two films are heavy on grit and grime, and light on logic, which perfectly reflects Josh’s taste.

  • Combat Shock: A dangerously disturbed Vietnam veteran struggles with life 15 years after his return home, and slowly falls into insanity from his gritty urban lifestyle.
  • The Other Hell:  Nuns become possessed by the Devil and lust after the abbot!

(Both are available for streaming on Amazon Prime.)


Bloodhound Pix

The Bloodhound Pix Podcast seeks to highlight independent and obscure horror cinema, and create an inclusive space for creators and fans to interact.

Hosts Craig Draheim, Josh Lee and Kyle Hintz met as graduate students pursuing their MFAs in Screenwriting at the David Lynch Graduate School of the Cinematic Arts at Maharishi University of Management, and they bonded over their love of horror cinema. In 2019, they set out to form their own production company and podcast to focus on indie horror. Thus, Bloodhound Pix was born.

Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for new episodes of THE BLOODHOUND PIX PODCAST on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

Bloodhound Pix is comprised of: Craig Draheim, Josh Lee, and Kyle Hintz. If you love this episode, be sure to head here to catch up on past episodes. You can also find this incredible weekly podcast on all major podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Be sure to follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also support them at Patreon
Bloodhound Pix is produced by Craig Draheim, Josh Lee, and Kyle Hintz. Music by Raymond Seed. Editing by Kyle Hintz.

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