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Coffin Cuties Magazine Issue #10 Now Available!

Editor’s Note: Coffin Cuties® is the world famous horror erotic publication that describes itself as “the macabre magazine of chilling cheesecake that celebrates the death-styles of the grim and nefarious”. It features masterfully macabre Horror Pinup photography and exceptional genre content. Founder/Publisher Mike Hearse is a former staff photographer for a nationally known horror magazine that has gained national notoriety working with some of the top horror and alternative models in the industry. Our wonderful writer, Michael “The Dedman” Jones, is a contributor. And we’re excited to once again share the latest press release from the innovative magazine.

Coffin Cuties

 Announcement from Coffin Cuties Magazine: 

This exciting new Thriller of a issue has cover art by monster illustrator Dan Brereton. We have interviews with some horror legends Bill Moseley from “The Devils Rejects” Robert Mukes from “House of 1000 Corpses” Troma movies Lloyd Kaufman. We talk with Dave Vanian and The Damned on their 40th Anniversary Tour. Johnny Alonso in our Coffin 2 article, Slash and the Guns N’ Roses “Not In This Life Time Tour 2017”. All new Horrifyingly Hot Coffin Cuties Kitschy Koo, Macabra, Pretty Pistolxox, Hailey June, Elizabeth Voorhees, Brandie Graves, Charlie Starling, Diana Revo, Zamara, Dahlia Kay Daver, Loran Rose, RazorCandi. Reanimate the racks of your lugubrious library with tantalizing tomes of Coffin Cuties® Magazine!

The Coffin Coroner: Movie Reviews by Michael “Dedman” Jones of Morbidly Beautiful includes reviews of Scream Factory’s Blu-Ray releases of Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 and The Autopsy of Jane Doe, SGL Entertainment’s Deadly Revisions and Sugar Skull Girls and Sector 5’s releases of 13 Demons and 3 Hours Till Dead!


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