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Coffin Cuties Magazine Double Sized Issue #9 Now Available!

Editor’s Note: Coffin Cuties® is the world famous horror erotic publication that describes itself as “the macabre magazine of chilling cheesecake that celebrates the death-styles of the grim and nefarious”. It features masterfully macabre Horror Pinup photography and exceptional genre content. Founder/Publisher Mike Hearse is a former staff photographer for a nationally known horror magazine that has gained national notoriety working with some of the top horror and alternative models in the industry. Our wonderful writer, Michael “The Dedman” Jones, is a contributor. And we’re excited to share the latest press release from the innovative magazine.

Announcement from Coffin Cuties Magazine: 

Welcome to a very special edition Giant Size issue of Coffin Cuties Magazine. We decided to do something different for issue 9 and had a blast filling the content up in this latest edition. We had to ask horror and spook show illustrator Mitch O’Connell to join in with this spooktacular vintage movie poster for the cover. We met up with Troma Movies and Lloyd Kaufman for a exclusive interview and photo shoot.

We get down and dirty with a full interview with Dom Kreep. We have a huge horror illustrator feature section in this issue. Here is a run down on the amazing featured artist inside issue 9. Scott Jackson, David Wilcox, L. Longo, Lisa Petrucci, Mario Lebate Santia, Michael Zug. We also have the Hottest ladies in horror entertainment from around the world RazorCandi, ViVi the Vamp, Cubby Thompson, Emily Astrom, Kiss Kiss Forbid’n, Macabra, Dani Divine, Kseniia Piquette.

Also, we take another trip to our Coffin Coroner Reviews, where Michael  “The Dedman” Jones of Morbidly Beautiful reviews SGL Entertainment’s MEET ME THERE, Intervision’s THE BURNING MOON, BRINKvision’s SONNO PROFONDO, Lionsgate’s HIGH TENSION and ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN (2 Disc edition) as well as Scream Factory’s releases of THE SQUAD, ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB AND BUBBA HO-TEP. In addition to that, he reviews Entrails CD Raging Death from Metal Blade Records  in his Songs For The Dead column!


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