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Let me tell you a story. On second thought, let me tell you several! We celebrate the horror anthology with a month of the subgenre’s best.

After celebrating Black History Month in February, bringing you a weekly dose of outstanding Black Horror, Donna took us into March Madness — showcasing characters who descend into madness. April was dedicated to anthologies, and we’re looking at some new standouts and older staples of the subgenre.

If you missed any of the episodes, now is a great time to catch up on all the must-see movie recommendations from your favorite Queen of Horror.


We kick things off with a horror classic, Black Sabbath.

What do a ringing telephone, a bloodthirsty creature, and a drop of water have in common? They are all crucial plot points in this amazingly creepy horror anthology film directed by Mario Bava.

Even though this one is far from new, I kept this one short and spoiler-free just in case you little horror fans haven’t seen this one before. If you haven’t, come let me tell you why you need to fix that immediately!


Grim Prairie Tales is a Horror Western anthology film that has two men around a campfire telling some scary tales.

Written and directed by Wayne Coe, it features an ensemble cast including James Earl Jones, Brad Dourif, Will Hare, Marc McClure, William Atherton, and Lisa Eichhorn. Composed of four separate stories, it’s told by two travelers, the grizzled bounty hunter Morrison and the clerk on his way to a romantic reunion with his wife.

This one is short and spoiler-free, so get hunkered down in your bedroll while I talk about this horror flick.


Satanic Hispanics is a 2022 American horror anthology film written by Alejandro Méndez, Demián Rugna, Lino K. Villa, and Pete Barnstrom, directed by Mike Mendez, Demián Rugna, Eduardo Sánchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero, and Alejandro Brugués.

What do a possible immortal guide, a ghost story, a vampire on his way home before sunrise, a Bruja leader of Mexican werewolves, and a very phallic demon slayer have in common? You will just have to listen and then check out this absolutely fantastic horror anthology film to find out!


What does a tiny prisoner, a wicked witch, a mummy, a cat from Hell, and a lover’s vow have in common? They all are a part of the Darkside.

This comedy horror anthology film directed by John Harrison serves as a spin-off of the anthology television series Tales from the Darkside. The film depicts the frame story of a kidnapped paperboy who tells three horror stories to the suburban witch preparing to eat him.

Let me hold your hand in the dark and tell you why this is one of my favorite horror anthologies.


I’m finishing out Anthology April films with The Company of Wolves (1984). This British gothic fantasy horror film is filled with a dream that contains tales within tales.

Directed by Neil Jordan, it stars Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Micha Bergese, and Sarah Patterson in her film debut. The screenplay by Angela Carter and Jordan was adapted from her 1979 short story of the same name.

Some people don’t count this one as a proper horror anthology, but I do, and I’m sticking to my guns and wolfsbane. Shortish and spoiler-free. So stay on the path, never eat a windfall apple, never trust a man whose eyebrows meet and you just might be okay.


Donna Tha Dead

Donna Tha Dead is a podcast for lovers of horror, cult classics, and other genres of cinemas. Your host, Donna, is a confirmed ghost story and horror film addict.  To those that can hear Donna’s voice, she invites you to come hold her hand in the darkness and listen.

New episodes typically post every other week, and you can listen right here on or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

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