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Support women-driven indie horror by contributing to the new short film from award-winning writer Jamie Alvey, “Your Husband was a Good Man”.

Love and Horror Productions

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Love and Horror Productions, co-founded by award-winning screenwriter and journalist Jamie Alvey, is seeking funding on Indiegogo for their new proof-of-concept horror short, Your Husband was a Good Man. The short is written by Jamie Alvey, the screenwriter, director, and actress behind DREAD’s upcoming feature, Bystanders.

Alvey’s work is known for blending brutality and beauty, hope and despair, grief and relief, often through a feminist lens.

Your Husband Was a Good Man is a harrowing exploration of grief, desperation, and healing. The short follows Orla, a widow struggling to overcome the death of her beloved husband, who fell victim to gun violence in a tragic school shooting. Now a single mother in the throes of bereavement, Orla turns to arcane rituals to soften the blow of reality.

Mikael Fair, Director of Film Festival Circuit LLC, deftly describes the screenplay’s themes in his review:

“The screenplay delves into the profound depths of loss, the unyielding grip of love, and the harrowing consequences of meddling with forces beyond comprehension.” 

The screenplay was also recently chosen as an official selection for the 2024 Short. Sweet. Film Festival.

Your Husband Was a Good Man explores the most horrifying aspects of humanity: grief, lost love, collective trauma, and the intricacies of healing.

Your Husband was a Good Man

Your contribution will help fund original independent horror made by a passionate team who want to create the kind of horror they want to see in the world.

It promises to challenge society’s perspective on mass violence, individualism, and suffering in a time where we are simultaneously desensitized to the pain of others and morally fueled by it.

This proof-of-concept is a love letter to the horror genre and a testament to the tenacity of the team behind it.

Love and Horror Productions is seeking $5,000 to bring the proof-of-concept short film to life from the page to the screen. Contributions to the short film’s Indiegogo campaign will be used for production and post-production costs, including crew wages, craft services, lodging, equipment, rentals, costuming, special effects, editing, and scoring.

Supporters of the short are offered a range of tiered perks that include personalized thank-you notes, autographed stills, merchandise, and even producer credits for high-tier backers.

The short film, which will be used to produce a full-length feature in the future, is sure to captivate and devastate audiences.

Your Husband Was a Good Man is sure to be a labor of love from Love and Horror Productions, and the writers, actors, students, and crew members are committed to bringing it to reality.

For more information and to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, go here or click the button below.

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