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Christmas came early for “Halloween” fans, with the announcement of the final two films in the franchise coming 2020 and 2021; what can fans expect?

Installments 12 and 13 in the Halloween series will drop on October 16, 2020 and on October 15, 2021. The first of the two will be called Halloween Kills, and the second will be called Halloween Ends. Both movies will be directed by David Gordon Green and will again include the scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. She has already appeared in five of the installments, and David Gordon Green did the 2018 Halloween.

With a returning director and the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, what can viewers expect in the next two films?

Based on bast franchise films, Halloween fans have come to expect anything. In Halloween 2, Michael and Laurie were brother sister. Then in Halloween 4, Laurie had a daughter that died. Part 5 followed Jamie’s attempted murder of her adopted mother and being kidnapped by the Thorn cult. By the sixth movie, Jamie was grown. She was killed by Michael, but her baby lived. Halloween H20 pretended like Jamie never existed, and suddenly Laurie was alive again — with a grown son.

At the end of the movie, Laurie kills Michael. Wait, in Halloween 8, Michael had pulled the old switch-a-roo, and it was really a paramedic that was killed. Michael killed Laurie about 20 minutes into the movie. In the 9th movie, Rob Zombie remade the original but beefed up Michael Myers by making him huge and very aggressive. The 2nd part of the Rob Zombie Halloween remake was just weird. Suddenly, Michael was just living like a hobo with only a partial mask and severe mother and white horse issues.

John Carpenter work as an adviser on the 11th installment in the franchise.

He said the only world that existed was the original. To help age the characters, the movie makes a 40 year jump. In that movie it is explained that Michael, just by chance, began following Laurie because she took the key to the Myers house for her father. Michael did not stalk and try to kill Laurie for any other reason than they had crossed paths.

In the newest Halloween, supposedly Michael was not even waiting to escape to kill Laurie. Instead, it was either Dr. Sartain and his obsession with studying evil or Laurie’s obsession with Michael that caused them to cross paths again.

Halloween Kills will pick up right where the 2018 Halloween ended.

It will look like the way the original Halloween went right into the Halloween 2 movie. It should be expected that, because the Strode girls (Laurie, Karen, and Allyson) teamed up on Michael, he would try to kill each of the girls through the next two films. Michael will probably fail to kill the girls, but will probably amass a huge kill count of those that get in the way.

The manner in which Michael Myers gets his kills will probably be just as gory as those in the first. Given how John Carpenter feels about others trying to remake the idea of the Halloween movie, it would be safe to assume that Michael will die in the Halloween Ends movie to ensure there will be no other movies made.

It has already been announced that Jamie Lee Curtis will return for both of the movies.

This would be the motivation to finish up the story. Since Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to do both, the studio decided to crank out back-to-back films. To be effective with the story they have already built, it will be extremely important to get both Judy Greer and Andi Matichak resigned.

Other critical re-signings should include both James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle. Both played Michael Myers in the latest film. To remain consistent with the movements and looks of the current Michael, you need the people who just played him.

Since these could potentially be the last two franchise movies we get, it would be fun to see cameos from people who have played in the other movies. It would be a nice pay it forward move and a great way to wrap up the entire series. Danielle Harris, Tommy Lee Wallace, Ellie Cornell, Tony Moran, Dick Warlock, Tamara Glynn, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor Compton, Will Sandin (among others) should get an invite to be in one of the two films.

Although, it would be a safe bet to assume that anyone connected with the Rob Zombie films will be left off the call list.

The Michael Myers mask could be interesting.

It could appear in one of several ways. Option A would be to assume that, when the fire started, Michael immediately got out of the Strode basement. This would not be realistic for several reasons. The first reason is that it would show that Laurie’s trap was so inadequate because it was not able to cause Michael any kind of damage. It also goes against what every other Halloween movie has done, which is to introduce new masks from movie to movie.

This brings us to option B, which could be a burnt mask. It would echo the burn scene from part 2. The final option would be losing the mask completely and finding a new one in the course of his travels. A multiple mask approach will probably be used. First the mask will probably appear burned, and later it will be replaced with a fresh new one.

Since Laurie’s house is now destroyed, it will be interesting to see where the new battlefield will be for the next two movies. It would be nice to see them include the hospital and elementary school. Maybe the graveyard (where Judith is buried) and hardware store could be used. A nice mix of random houses and familiar backdrops would help tease the super fans.

There is a lot of pressure to really get these last two movies right for the fans.

Since Michael and Laurie are no longer brother and sister, and since Michael is just a random killer, then he can just go hog wild. Getting the two together for a showdown is no longer an issue. It will only matter how they wrap up the whole series.

If the writers and director want to keep fans liking what they are doing, then they need to continue to drop Easter eggs throughout the movie and include some cameos.

This is now straight out of the John Carpenter playbook.

Just like when a new coach takes over, it now needs to take its course. Right or wrong, this needs to be the vision of Carpenter and Green to make sure it is done right. With too many chiefs in the kitchen, we end up with something like part 6 where everything was continually being changed.

Final predictions:

First, I predict these last two films will be better than the 2018 movie, because a bridge to the characters has already been created. Second, these will not be the last two Halloween movies. They may officially be the last two movies we see Jamie Lee Curtis appear in, or that come with John Carpenter’s seal of approval. But it’s hard to keep a beloved franchise like this one down for too long.

October of 2020 and 2021 cannot get here quick enough for longtime fans of the Halloween series.

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