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We take a spoiler-free peek inside the remarkable “The End of the World”, the third novel from the multi-talented artist and author Dan Henk.

This is the third novel in an analogous trilogy (following “The Black Seas of Infinity” and “Down Highways in the dark… By Demons Driven”), by world-renowned Tattoo Artist and Author, Dan Henk. If you know nothing of him, a quick read of his Bio at the front of this book will have you feeling like you just re-enacted the galley scars scene from Jaws, and no one is as pockmarked as he.

Like a rundown at the opening of a TV serial, Dan quickly catches us up on the interstellar journey, allowing readers who haven’t read the earlier works to keep pace, or so they think.

Whereas a trilogy finale might normally spend its duration answering questions and tying up loose ends, “The End of the World” leaves you clinging for familiarity as he converges multiple characters and multiple worlds into a brilliantly crafted orchestra of chaos, exploration, and secrecy — all while the Government collapses and the outcasts of society struggle to survive.

Henk has a true voice for the fringe.

Speaking from the outside, not looking in, not wanting in. No truer moments are felt than when he writes of the plight of the gutter punk lost in a world even more fucked up than when Reagan was in DC and Tipper fought with Jello.

The blood of William Cooper’s bullet ridden body runs through the veins of these pages as years of conspiracy theories, truthers, and rabbit holes coalesce into a ballistic weapon that can rival any Sci-Fi romp of recent memory.

There’s enough carnage and gore to warrant a place amongst the blood-soaked shelves of the “too much horror for your stomach to handle”, section. If Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing…” naturally warrants a shotgun blast right through the cover, “The End of the World” would come wrapped in gristle and “ropy like tendrils of intestines”.

This novel is expertly written, with an unbelievably acute attention to detail.

Henk is able to paint meticulous landscapes that we can step through and walk alongside his characters on their peregrinations.

If you’re ready to peer behind the veil, remove the mask, and leap the wall to the other side of Armageddon, your ship is waiting. “The End of the World” is available for purchase on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or on Kobo.

Visit Dan’s Instagram @deadguyllc, or his Website.

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