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On this week’s episode of the podcast, George and his special guest discuss the rare remake that does justice to a horror classic: “Dawn of the Dead”.

Few things are more hated than a modern remake of a beloved horror classic. So how did 2004’s Dawn of the Dead manage to win hearts and land on our guest’s “Best Movie Ever Made” list? Tune in to find out!


Episode 47: “Dawn of the Dead” with special guest Chad Quandt (1 hour, 37 minutes)

This week on The Best Little Horror House in Philly, George is joined by award-winning writer Chad Quandt from the Trollhunters and Unikitty series, as well as the amazing podcast Goosebuds!

The conversation starts with the path to EGOT status now that he’s a (daytime) Emmy award winner, and we reminisce about the glory of the Scholastic Book Fair at school and his affinity for Goosebumps.

We discuss Uwe Boll’s impact on the cultural zeitgeist before diving into Chad’s pick for the greatest film of all time: Dawn of the Dead (2004).

Our deep dive into the film includes talk of Zack Snyder’s ever-present visual style, as well as the ways in which Snyder and James Gunn managed to differentiate the remake from the original film while still paying respect to Romero’s genius.

We also explore James Gunn’s Troma background and its possible influence on the film, especially in the zombie baby scene. There’s also talk about how to keep unlikable characters important so they aren’t just a passive detriment, tying the Day of the Dead ethical questions into this remake, and going after your dog in the apocalypse. Finally, we conclude by talking about redemption arcs, and the thrill of a great tragic ending — especially with an element of ambiguity.


BEST LITTLE HORROR HOUSE IN PHILLY IS a weekly cast where host George Heftler and his special guest discuss the best horror movie ever made…according to his guest, at least! It’s a safe place for horror fans to talk about the movies they’re passionate about — a place to talk about venerated entries already in the canon, modern-day classics, and everything in between.

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