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horror-themed cosplay makeup

For cosplay enthusiasts, one of the trickiest aspects is getting the makeup right. Thankfully, nailing it isn’t as scary as you might think.

This time of year, it may seem odd to think about horror costumes and makeup. After all, Halloween is long over, and Christmas is rapidly approaching. But we horror fans know that Halloween isn’t just one day of the year. It’s a state of mind that lasts all year long. And there is always a good reason to bring out a gruesome look — rather it’s for a themed party, a horror con, or just for a great social media photo shoot!

While makeup can make or break an outfit, you don’t need to be an expert to get it right.

Coming up with an idea is the tricky part, but there are certainly some helpful resources you can utilize to determine the look for you. And inspiration abounds — from your favorite horror movies, franchises, and television shows to literary and historical characters to video games and Halloween and horror-themed casino games.

Once you have a great idea, sprucing up a costume with the addition of some horror-themed makeup is more achievable than you might think. Let’s take a look at a few expert tips to help you up your cosplay game.

A matte finish is a must.

Although this is ultimately a subjective opinion, a matte finish is best suited to a horror-themed cosplay makeup look. While you can opt for a glowing look, it doesn’t necessarily scream horror to the people you’re hoping to wow. A matte finish is, therefore, the way to go, particularly if you’re going to be in front of the camera a lot. With this in mind, a matte translucent setting powder is recommended, although a foundation with a matte finish is also worth factoring in, too.

Blot your face before snapping photos. 

The vast majority of people who enjoy cosplay do it so they can produce some killer photos in the process. To make sure that your photos look ace, be sure to have access to a small packet of blotting paper at all times. After all, wearing a costume and a face full of makeup can be a sweaty experience at times.

Nude lipstick is handy. 

Depending on the look you’re going for, sometimes you need to take the emphasis away from your lips to enable other areas of the face to shine more brightly. A simple way of achieving this is using nude lipstick over your lips. Then, once the nude lipstick is applied, consider adding a natural color. But be sure to avoid covering the entire surface of your lips otherwise, you’ll fail to reduce their size. This simple tip can really make a massive difference.

Use white eyeliner to widen your eyes. 

To make your eyes stand out, you may want to enlarge them. Similar to the characters in horror cartoons and from the anime world, you can master this particular wide-eyed look by adding white liner along the lower waterline and the inner corner of your eyes. It can initially look a little strange in the flesh, but it makes for the very best photos. If you’re aiming to play a spooky child, then it can help create more youthful-looking eyes, too.

Your eyebrows and wig shouldn’t match. 

A common misconception is that your eyebrows must match your hair color (wig). While it perhaps works with a select few looks, it’s better to go a few shades darker on either the eyebrows or the wig for a more convincing, horror-appropriate look.

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