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How to easily transform yourself into an authentic looking zombie

First off we’re going to need some supplies:



Part 1: The Face
1. Apply primer evenly all over your face and neck with a cosmetic sponge. Need a good base!
2. Dab the sponge into the green shade on the Makeup Forever palette and apply this shade wherever the face appears red.
3. Apply a foundation that is approximately four shades lighter than your actual skin tone all over your face and neck. Be careful that the foundation isn’t too white looking. This will make you look more like a ghost than a zombie – but it’s all about your preference!
4. Put some of the black color from the palette onto your hand. Don’t apply it directly to your face because it is so highly pigmented. It is better to slowly build the color up.
5. Softly dip the contouring brush into the black color on the back of your hand. Find the line on the face where the hairline meets the cheekbone. Follow that line downwards with the contour brush and blend.

Part 2: The Eyes
6. Put in your choice of colored contact lenses. Lenses with white or red irises look the most zombie-like.
7. Dip the fine eyeliner brush into the red color on the palette. Line the lower and upper lash line in red. With the eyeshadow brush, blend the red color around the eye area. Wipe off both brushes with a tissue.
8. Gently dip the eyeshadow brush into the black color on the back of your hand and make a line from underneath the brow bone all the way to the area where the eye meets the nose. The key here again is to gently build up and blend the black color so that you end up looking like a zombie, not a panda.
9. Blend more of the black color all over the top and bottom eyelids. Make sure to blend and build the dark color.

zombies-598387_1920Part 3: The Lips
10. Apply the Lime Crime lipstick to the center of the bottom lip.
11. Press your lips together so that the lipstick transfers to the top lip. If you would like, add more lipstick focusing on the center of the lips.

Part 4: Optional Extra Steps
13. Mix the green, blue, and purple shades from the palette together.
14. With a fine tip brush, paint veins onto the neck up to the jawline. You can add more veins around the temples as well. Find reference images of veins to copy before you start painting.
15. Take a powder brush and softly tap translucent powder against the veins, gently buffing them so that they don’t look painted on. Veins should look like they are under the skin. Be sure to add the powder in a few layers for this effect.

And voila! All of a sudden you’re ready for a “The Walking Dead” cameo! Let us know how your zombie look turns out — we’d love to see it. 

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