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Inappropriate Children’s Book “There’s Nothing Under Your F*cking Bed” Provides A Quick and Humorously Dark Read

Nothing Under Your Bed

The delightful title of Nick and Kate Wilkinson’s e-book for children, There’s Nothing Under Your F*cking Bed, is enough to tell interested parents whether or not this entertaining read will be suitable for their child.

The latest in a line of children’s e-books from the Wilkinson duo, TNUYFB recounts, with morbid rhymes and ghoulish imagery, the lighthearted story of a parent trying to get their frightened child to go to sleep. While the tone of the book is consistently playful and light throughout, the authors (along with Carlos Espinoza, who provides the artwork) have no problem diving into a world of horrors, including zombies, monsters eating blood and guts, and would-be killers lurking inside dark closets.

It’s not entirely clear if the authors intend for TNUYFB to actually be read aloud to children before they go to sleep, but the short e-book will provide entertainment to anyone who picks it up and reads along with its haunting, Dr. Seuss-inspired rhymes.

As one might expect, the book has a lyrical quality to it that makes reading fun, a little spooky, and a little silly all at once: “Why hide in the closet -behind the clothes on hooks / Don’t you know that’s a place the killer always looks!” These types of couplets run the length of the book and provide an enjoyable glimpse into childlike nightmares and fears.

Although TNUYFB could have built to a stronger climax, the book still ends with a kicker that will have young readers giggling with morbid humor. There’s even an interesting subtext about whether or not parents should allow their children to watch horror movies, which adds a thoughtful touch to the entire package.

Espinoza’s artwork is fairly routine here — but hopefully, when all of the Wilkinson tales are collected into one full volume at the end of the year, the illustrations will come alive a bit more with color, bolder lines, and more standout imagery. In order for adults and children to fully immerse themselves in a quirky work of this nature, the art and the overall design of the book need to be inspiring and striking. Currently, the artwork is a bit too predictable and repetitive; more to the point, it does not do justice to the macabre narrative.

Nick and Kate Wilkinson’s There’s Nothing Under Your F*cking Bed has an engaging premise — it’s funny, clever, and darkly comic.

The rhyming couplets work well and children should enjoy a nightly romp through this playfully horrific wonderland. As mentioned, at the end of the year, the entire collection of “inappropriate children’s books” will be gathered into one full volume for sale as a paperback and hardback edition.

You can purchase a copy of the Kindle e-book edition of There’s Nothing Under Your F*cking Bed on Amazon or download it for free with Kindle Unlimited. 

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