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IndiePix invites genre fans to stream and scream with their hot horror lineup they call Summer Scare School, which you can sample for free.

IndiePix Summer Scare School

Before Summer fades away, the streaming platform IndiePix Unlimited (available exclusively on Amazon Channels) wants to ensure we end on a sizzling high note before heralding in the highly-anticipated Spooky Season.


One of the genre’s newest institutions, IndiePix, invites students of horror to “learn” from the school’s talented fearmongers.

Presently, students registering for SUMMER SCARE SCHOOL will have access to six brand new offerings themed to the season with everything from summer camp fun with CAMP MURDER, beachy shenanigans with CRUEL JAWS, skimpy beachwear with BIKINI BLOODBATH and BIKINI BLOODBATH CARWASH, beach body activities with BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL and the always popular summer BBQs with MAIN STREET MEATS.

To register for Summer Scare School, visit Amazon Channels on Prime and sign up for a free 7-day trial of IndiePix Unlimited, priced at just $5.99 per month.

The 2023 Summer Scare School Course Catalog is as follows:

BIKINI BLOODBATH (Instructor/Directors Jonathan Gorman, Thomas Edward Seymour | 72 mins | 2006)

School is out, and the HS girls’ volleyball team decides to have a slumber party to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Unfortunately for the attendees, the maniacal Chef Death from the popular Sausage Party Restaurant — wielding meat cleavers and culinary one-liners — decides to go on a little killing spree.

BIKINI BLOODBATH CARWASH (Instructor/Directors Jonathan Gorman, Thomas Edward Seymour | 72 mins | 2008)

Jenny (Rachael Robbins), a freshman at Community College University, earns her tuition by working at Miss Johnson’s (Debbie Rochon) Bikini Carwash with her seven gorgeous classmates. After work, Jenny and friends accidentally resurrect the infamous Chef Death during a seance. Once again, Chef Death finds the bikini-clad girls at Miss Johnson’s year-end party, and the blood bath begins in this campy splatterfest.

BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL (Instructor/Directors Shinichi Fukazawa | 62 mins | 1995)

Alternately known as “The Japanese Evil Dead,” this legendary, sought-after independent Japanese cult film follows the terrifying exploits of a bodybuilder trapped inside a haunted house, forced to survive a blood-soaked night of insanity to save himself and his friends  from a demonic ghost that is hell-bent on revenge

CAMP MURDER (Instructor/Director Mark Polonia | 77 mins | 2021)

Tommy Heller (Jeff Kirkendall) has been locked away in a mental institution for 25 years after committing the Camp Murder Massacre. When his careless orderly lets him escape from the care of Dr. Lewis, he returns to the Camp to continue his murder spree. There, a group of unsuspecting campers led by Cody (Kyle Rappaport), Tina (Pamela Sutch), and stoner pals Fred (Matt Bruzzio) and Jay (Victor Gaspar) is stalked by the machete-wielding killer. Can Dr. Lewis stop Tommy before it’s too late?

CRUEL JAWS (Instructor/Director Bruno Mattei | 97 mins | 1995)

In 1995, legendary director Bruno Mattei (here as William Snyder) stunned the civilized world with this ultimate sharksploitation saga that liberally borrows characters, plot, and footage from Joe D’Amato’s DEEP BLOOD and Enzo G. Castellari’s THE LAST SHARK. Released in some countries as JAWS 5.

MAIN STREET MEATS (Instructor/Director Jeff Lyon | 110 mins | 2017)

Main Street Meats is a black comedy / old-school slasher movie filmed entirely in The Great Dairy State of Wisconsin.  The story unfolds as a family-run meat shop struggling to survive stumbles onto the secret of success… and is obliged to keep up with insatiable customer demand.  The film features a killer soundtrack, including “Cheerleader Grind” by The Blowtorches, “Up All Night” by the Gore Gore Girls, and “The Fever” by Devil to Drag, as well as a vocal cameo from the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of Gore himself.

YOLO (Instructor/Director Marie Grahtø Sørensen’s | Denmark | 21 mins | 2013 | Danish with English subtitles)

Marie Grahtø Sørensen’s YOLO is a sexy, queer, lesbian vampire coming-of-age story about high school BFFs Kimmi, Sally and Nancy. It will be one hell of a neon-colored night, but hey, You Only Live Once.

These new SUMMER SCARE SCHOOL offerings join an overflowing “course catalog” featuring dozens of genre classics including the internationally notorious A SERBIAN FILM, a graphic snuff flick banned around the world and called “a monstrosity” by The Independent’s Mark Kermode, Giallo films ANTHROPOPHAGOUS, PHENOMENA, and TENEBRAE, creature features THE VELOCIPASTOR, VAMPIRE ECSTASY (THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHING), splatterific slasher films SLUMBER PARTY SLASHATHON, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, and CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR MASSACRE, the best of ‘50s B-movies with THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS and THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, and new classics including VIRGIN CHEERLEADERS IN CHAINS, VAMPYRES, and THE SONG OF SOLOMON, SEASON OF THE WITCH, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW 1 & 2 and many more.

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