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We interview Jason Swarr, the horror-obsessed genius behind one of the nation’s premier destinations for fellow horror fans, Terror Trader.


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The independent spirit and immersive experience of all things horror, alive, dead, and kicking in the heat of the Southwest desert, resides in Chandler, AZ. We recently sat down with Jason Swarr, owner and visionary of Terror Trader, Arizona’s ONLY year-round horror marketplace where Halloween, culture, and oddities have a permanent place.

More than just a store, Terror Trader is a perfect example of how small business prevails and continuously innovates with much love and scares. Swarr’s vision and enthusiasm for the genre and culture prove that horror and its merchants are here to stay.

MORBIDLY BEAUTIFUL: Welcome to Morbidly Beautiful, Jason! 

JASON SWARR: Hello there!

MB:  Your store opened on October 1st, 2021, and this is your two-year anniversary. Congratulations. You’ve also broken down walls already, correct?

JS: Yes, we’ve expanded twice and now have a classroom. Terror Trader University recently launched classes ranging from molding headpieces to bloody knives and even building a Zuni Fetish doll.

MB:  What inspired you to open Terror Trader?

JS: I’ve always been a monster kid. Growing up in the 80s, that was my jam. The 80s were the golden era of slasher films. I was so lucky to be alive during that time and of the age — a young teen — and to be able to just witness some of the most insane and iconic horror movies ever. I saw Friday 13th, Part Three in 3D in the back of a pickup truck at the drive-in with my little 3D glasses, cold as hell in November, watching that iconic scene when Jason gets his mask. I watched Poltergeist in the theaters.

It seemed like every week there was another blockbuster or future cult classic horror movie coming out, and I was absorbed in it so much.