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IMG_5842If you’re like me, you’re likely to have a closet full of horror-related shirts and an obsessive need to keep adding to your killer collection. There are a few major players in the horror apparel game, but it’s always welcome and refreshing to see someone new bringing something unique and interesting to the table.

I recently discovered a company called Terror Threads, and they definitely have what it takes to win a special spot in our black horror hearts. There are three key things I look for when supporting a new horror merchandiser, and Terror Threads scores high on all three accounts. Let me explain.


Whenever possible, I prefer to do business with small businesses and entrepreneurs — businesses run by real people who are as passionate about the genre as I am and who truly care about delivering a great product and providing great customer service. Terror Threads is run by a horror loving couple, Rick and Olivia. They are genre junkies who were looking for a way to become more involved in the industry and wanted to offers other die hard horror fans something different. After several years running a screen printing shop in Chicago, printing apparel and merchandise for their clients, it seemed like a natural evolution to start making their own killer merchandise. Rick is active on social media and loves chatting with fellow horror fans, showing great appreciation for his customers and supporters. He also runs his own horror blog on his site, where you can get horror news and reviews plus previews of new products and special offers.


Of course, what really differentiates a company specializing in horror apparel and merchandise is the quality of their designs. Fortunately, Terror Threads really shines in this area. First and foremost, there’s a large selection of really amazing look stuff. It’s truly original artwork that doesn’t feel derivative like so much else out there. And it’s entirely devoted to horror in all facets…there’s no split focus here. The folks at Terror Threads work with some incredibly talented artists from across the globe who have the same vision and passion they do for the genre and brand. And, because they own their own screen print shop, they are able to keep costs very low and inventory high. They are also able to offer a lot of styles, sizes, and accessories you can’t find on other horror sites. And most orders ship out the same day the order is placed.



As important as design is (and, as an artist myself, it’s VERY important!), equally important is a great quality shirt. This is where a lot of merchandisers miss the boat. It’s wonderful to have a beautiful piece of art on a shirt, but it’s pointless if it’s not something you’re happy to wear…something comfortable and flattering. Terror Threads makes the kind of shirts you want to live in. Super soft and very high quality, these are the kinds of shirts you would buy for yourself (and spend a lot more for) even if they didn’t look so damn good.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check out the “to die for” selection of horror shirts and merch at Terror Threads. Most designs come in a variety of styles, including t-shirts, zippered hoodies, and tank tops. You’ll definitely want to subscribe to the newsletter and follow Terror Threads on social media – including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — to stay updated with tons of great specials and limited release designs.

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