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The guys brave one of NYC’s biggest Halloween attractions and give their honest, no-holds-barred review of the TerrorVision event.

The Goddamn Guys take a trip through TerrorVision in NYC as the new Halloween Haunt kicks off a season full of scares. Did the boys think it was full of fear, or was it dead on arrival? Listen now to hear all about the experience!

Beginning September 14th, “Horrorwood Studios” opened its doors in Times Square at 300 West 43rd Street for a spooky season of terrifying, immersive experiences from artistic directors Will Munro and Katie McGeoch, who have headed up Six Flags’ Fright Fest for more than two decades.

Filled with 140 actors across 20,000 square feet, what could be the largest haunted house in NYC, guests are invited to go “behind the scenes” at the filming of an upcoming TerrorVision Halloween episode. As you might expect, things go horribly awry, and guests are forced to become the new “star” of the 1980s slasher show, facing three terrifying tales in an immersive, haunted house experience filled with gruesome creatures and movie-quality special effects.

The production first premiered last year as NYC’s largest haunted house in the former Ripley’s Believe it or Not and sold more than 20,000 tickets in its 19-day run.

Organizers Munro and McGeoch warn it is “truly scary and not for the faint of heart.” We put that claim to the test! 


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