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We revel in the campy eccentricity, musical mastery, and pure cinematic joy that is the woefully underrated “Phantom of the Paradise”.

Phantom of the Paradise

Welcome to NO NOTES, the show where three cerebral cinephiles take a break from chatting guilty pleasures to discuss cinematic treasures. Each month, we’ll take turns selecting a film we believe to be virtually flawless, one that had a significant impact on our lives and/or helped shape the film lovers we became.

For our second episode, it was Kelly’s pick. She put the spotlight on the criminally underrated 1974 rock-musical-comedy-horror film PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, directed by Brian De Palma and scored by and starring Paul Williams.

As Kelly argues for the film’s place in the hallowed halls of cinematic perfection, she says:

“This movie means EVERYTHING to me. It’s so fearless and bold. Paul Williams is so funny. The visuals are so striking. The soundtrack is so catchy. There’s no lesson, and I love every goddamn second of it.”

Tune in to hear us wax poetic about this spellbinding work of renegade art and discover why we unanimously grant Phantom of the Paradise NO NOTES status.

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NO NOTES is a monthly spin-off of the Guilty Pleasures podcast. Twice a month, the Guilty Pleasures crew will alternate between dissecting a “so bad it’s good” guilty pleasure voted on by our listeners and an example of cinematic excellence and near-flawless execution, as selected by one of our hosts.

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