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Things come to a crescendo when the No Notes crew debates the merits of “Whiplash” and asks just how much one should suffer for their art.


Welcome to NO NOTES, the show where three cerebral cinephiles take a break from chatting guilty pleasures to discuss cinematic treasures. Each month, we’ll take turns selecting a film we believe to be virtually flawless, one that had a significant impact on our lives and/or helped shape the film lover we became.

For our third episode, it was Jack’s pick. He picked a film thundering with two-person tension, one that fills in the blockbuster gaps with small-stakes storytelling, and one that proves that sticks and stones may NOT be the only harmful things, after all.

As Jack argues for the film’s place in the hallowed halls of cinematic perfection, he says:

“There’s something about this movie that is magical to me. This is one of the most tense movies I’ve seen, and it’s literally two people talking. It’s a triumph of smaller filmmaking.”

Whether you’ve been keeping time with this podcast from the very beginning or are just now finding the tempo, we are happy to have you with us as we strike the gong and focus our
percussive pontification on this No Notes pick, featuring a decidedly un-Christmas-like little drummer boy, 2014’s WHIPLASH.

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NO NOTES is a monthly spin-off of the Guilty Pleasures podcast. Twice a month, the Guilty Pleasures crew will alternate between dissecting a “so bad it’s good” guilty pleasure voted on by our listeners and an example of cinematic excellence and near-flawless execution, as selected by one of our hosts.

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