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We discuss tricks and treats with the family-friendly Halloween horror “Spirit Halloween: The Movie” and the dubious indie “Hayride to Hell”.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie

We begin, as always, by delving into the latest horror headlines.

Viewing habits have changed drastically over the years. We talk about how delays have become a bigger part of the film calendar than ever before and how it now seems to take more than tentpole franchises to draw audiences.

Plus, Mike Flannagan has another Stephen King adaptation coming, and you may be surprised to hear who is part of the cast.

Then, it’s on to our featured film reviews. 

We have not done too many – if any – family-friendly horror. This may be because there is so little to find on Shudder. This week’s show covers both bases as we cover a scary movie that the kiddos can watch and enjoy from the supernatural streaming network. The fact that it takes place in a Spirit Halloween should seal the deal for all the young ones in your house.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie is a straightforward story about a group of friends who decide to spend the night in the titular store. While there, they must deal with a vengeful ghost.

There are no twists or surprises, and it is very much a “what you see is what you get” plot. It is perfect for a younger crowd, but it did not sit well with one of us.

Two horror icons teaming up for a horror movie centered around Halloween sounds like a good idea, especially with a premise as goofy as the one Hayride to Hell gives audiences.

Hayride to Hell

But when the story is about a white man refusing to give up his land due to tradition, and that’s the least of the problems the writing has, you know you are in for a tough watch.

Hayride to Hell makes a strong case for most tone-deaf movies we have ever covered.

It’s bad enough that the protagonist is someone who does not feel he has to pay back his bank loans, respect his neighbors’ legitimate concerns, or hire police for the heavy traffic. But the film also happens to be incredibly misogynistic.

Even if it were a 1970s exploitation flick, you would think they went too far.

We were both on the same page scripting-wise, but we were in entirely different books regarding the performances. We all know Kane Hodder is a great villain, but how is he as a smarmy asshole? And is Bill Moseley’s wacky performance able to save this awful film?


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