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In this episode, “I Am Not Your Final Girl” author Claire C. Holland joins us to discuss horror, bad ass final girls, creativity, and “You’re Next”.


Ghoul Gang assemble! In this episode, Ariel, Candace, and Gaby are talking to our extremely special guest Claire C. Holland, author of horror-themed poetry collection — and our show’s namesake — I Am Not Your Final Girl. We discuss early horror memories, the creative process, monster fuckability (sorry), and of course scary movies.

Featured in this episode is the “ghoulishly sadistic” (according to Simon Abrams, reviewer and apparent squishy baby marshmallow) slaughter-fest of a home invasion movie You’re Next (2013).

We get into the ins and outs of rich kid sibling rivalry, final girl survivalism qualifications, and why you should never, ever date your professor. Is there a sequel brewing here? Can hiring a few hitmen count as ethical capitalism? Are filmmakers more likely to take a crossbow bolt to the face than the average person? And what the hell is mumblegore? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Check out Claire Holland’s book, I Am Not Your Final Girl, a collection of feminist-horror poems about final girls. The poems confront the role of women throughout history in relation to subjects such as feminism,  violence, motherhood, and sexuality.

Each poem is based on a fictional character from horror cinema and explores the many ways in which women find empowerment through violence and their own perceived monstrousness.


  • You’re Next (2011)


Not Your Final Girl is a podcast hosted by three women (Gaby Castellanos, Ariel Dyer, and Candace Sluder) just trying to make it to the end of the movie. Join us bi-weekly for deep dives into horror with a fresh take on the genre we love! A proud part of the Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network. Our drive for intersectionality aligns well with the Morbidly Beautiful ethos. We love that MB is a nonprofit that gives back to the horror community, and are thrilled to be a part of the network.

The original music/theme song for the show was done by Ariel Dyer, Our main show logo/artwork was created by Gabrielle Steiger (@rabbitfoods on Instagram), and our vampire girl artwork was created by Brian Demarest (@evilflynn on Instagram). 

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