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We proudly debut the female-driven “Not Your Final Girl” podcast on our network, beginning with a discussion of the ‘true story’ horror sub genre.

We began our podcast as three female friends — Ariel Dyer, Candace Sluder, and Gaby Castellanos — who happened to love horror, each growing up thinking we were “the only one.” Though we each have our different sub genres we gravitate towards, horror has always kept us up at night (in a good way!), and this podcast is both our love letter to the genre and a celebration of female friendship. Now, we get together every couple of weeks to yell about horror, and, whether in agreement or disagreement, listen and learn from each other.

We firmly believe that the horror genre has a diverse fanbase and that this diversity deserves to be celebrated so much more. We seek out different voices to interview and hope to provide unique perspectives.

Our drive for intersectionality aligns well with the Morbidly Beautiful ethos. We love that MB is a nonprofit that gives back to the horror community, and are thrilled to be a part of the network!

About the HostsAriel is a singer-songwriter and performing musician, and her favorite subject to write about is reimagined female villains. She is a community events organizer by day, horror nerd by evening, and dead to the world by night. If she yells at you in all caps, it is a sign of her affection. Candace is a poet, gorehound, anarchist cat owner, and recovering mall goth. She has somehow gotten paid to be surrounded by books for nearly 7 years now. Tragically online. Gaby enjoys teeth, horror, whiskey, her friends, and helping people. Not necessarily in that order.


BASED ON A TRUE STORY (57 minutes)

Stephanie Segura-Culver, horror aficionado and owner of Segura’s Baking Co, joins Gaby, Candace, and Ariel for a fun romp through the true story horror sub genre. We talk shit about the Warrens, make the argument that The Strangers is horror ASMR, and discuss the disappointing waste of hot people in Amityville.

Movies discussed:

  • The Strangers (2008)
  • The Amityville Horror (1979)
  • The Conjuring (2013)

The original music/theme song for the show was done by Ariel Dyer, Our main show logo/artwork was created by Gabrielle Steiger (@rabbitfoods on Instagram), and our vampire girl artwork was created by Brian Demarest (@evilflynn on Instagram). 

Be sure to tune in every other Wednesday for new episodes of NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

If you love this episode, be sure to head here to catch up on past episodes. You can also find this incredible bi-weekly podcast on all major podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Be sure to follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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