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If you love to read, we’ve got four wonderfully chilling, fast-paced indie horror fiction books worth checking out from the genre’s best emerging authors.

The indie fiction game has blown up — with sites like Amazon providing a safe, accessible platform to share great content with the public. Digital readers like Kindle make it easier than ever for readers to effortlessly and inexpensively discover new authors and explore a huge library of genre fiction. And for those of you who still believe there’s no substitute for the feel of beautifully bound pages in your hand, most books are available in both digital and physical formats.

Because the genre fiction selection is wider than ever, my goal is to help avid readers find their way to some of the great books that may go woefully unread or under-appreciated. 

So if you’re looking for something great to read during the apocalypse, these four must-read titles will keep you thoroughly entertained and engaged while you wait for this whole thing to blow over.

1. The Lonely Carcass Song by Nick Harper (published June 13, 2020)

Ten shocking stories. Ten tragic endings. The song is only just beginning…

This collection features 10 dark stories which each explore a different aspect of the horror genre. A debut outing, Harper gives readers a tantalizing taste of what he is capable of — an appetizer course that ranges from vampires to cosmic-styled horror to the paranormal and beyond. His writing manages to be both succinct and descriptive, which is no small feat. He’s especially skilled at vividly illustrating the gory bits of the blood-splattered pages, something horror fans will no doubt relish. 

While each of the tales varies greatly in subject matter, they all share a bleak thread that runs throughout, while never losing the sense of fun and entertainment. In this way, this read feels like a thrilling roller coaster ride that takes you on an adventure and, at times, takes your breath away. It is a fantastic, quick read for anyone interested in a meaty meal broken into bite-sized treats. 

Buy it on paperback for less than $10 on Amazon, or get it free as part of Kindle Unlimited. 

2. The Night Sun by Zin E. Rocklyn (published March 11, 2020)

The Night Sun speaks to the darkness that manifests around us and in ourselves…

Zin E. Rocklyn’s The Night Sun is a original horror story. is an online magazine and community site that covers science fiction, fantasy, and other original genre fiction. The book itself is a very short read, at just 32 pages, bu it still manages to engage the reader with deep and compelling storytelling.

The story revolves around a woman stuck in an abusive relationship. She and her husband have embarked on a last chance vacation to try to save their marriage. That’s all I can tell you without ruining this beautiful and haunting experience. Rocklyn masterfully creates an atmosphere of dread and foreboding doom that will keep you wondering exactly where the tale is going. It’s truly a mesmerizing work of fiction by an author with something meaningful to say.

The Night Sun is available on Kindle for $0.99. 

3. Scratches by Joshua Marsella (published May 11, 2020)

After uncovering a dark secret concealed in their new house, a mother and son quickly learn that some truths are better left a mystery… 

This debut novella from Joshua Marsella takes a direct approach into the classic haunted house tale. Told from the point of view of a young boy who has only his mother to connect with, we follow the two as they inherit a house following the sudden death of a family memory with a history of violence. When the son moves his bedroom into the basement, he begins to experience unexplainable and terrifying phenomena. 

The story does hurry into the horror aspects, which may please many readers, but I wish it would have taken a bit more time to expand on the characters and build up to the scares. Still, it is certainly a worthwhile read. Fast-paced and in your face, this supernatural thriller really excels at giving readers what they came for: creeps and chills.

Buy it on paperback for less than $10 on Amazon, or get it free as part of Kindle Unlimited. 

4. Mr. Stoker & I by Becky Wright (published July 20, 2019)

My name is Miss Lucinda Meredith. Please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you my story…

For me, Becky Wright’s spectacular Mr. Stoker & I was 2019’s book of the year. It takes the celebrated Dracula author, Bram Stoker, and turns him into a central character in this original gothic horror tale. 

There’s something about Wright’s writing that makes this a deeply satisfying read that feels impossible to put down. Though it reads like a classic, gothic tale full of heartache and horror, it’s written in a style that makes it an absolute pleasure to devour. At no point does the story drag, and Wright ensures that substance never takes a backseat to style. Instead, she expertly crafts a story capable of evoking horrible imagery while fully investing the reader in the emotional plights of its characters. 

What you’re left with is a thrilling ride that you never want to see end. And yet, that ending, when it inevitably comes, is oh so satisfying.

Buy it on paperback for less than $15 on Amazon, or get it free as part of Kindle Unlimited. 

Written by Michael Benavidez


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  1. on August 7, 2020 at 4:11 am
    Bex wrote:

    Really interesting list, thanks. Not a genre I am usually found reading, but maybe I’ll give some of these a try 😉

  2. on August 7, 2020 at 7:14 am
    DImaro wrote:

    Great reviews, dude. Congratulations on this role 🙂


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