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Candace and Ariel are joined by a very special guest to discuss horror comics and home invasion horror with “Green Room” and “Funny Games”.


Greetings, ghouls, and get ready for a little tension and suspense. Candace and Ariel are back from the beach, still relatively young, and are talking to comics and tv writer Pornsak Pichetshote about the horror comics that freaked us out the most, film criticism as a defense mechanism, and of course our double feature.

Today we’ve got two variations on the home invasion genre: Green Room (2015), and Funny Games (1997 and 2007 because we accidentally watched two different versions, lol, oops).

Stick around for discussion of so-called “elevated” horror, analysis of punchable faces, a performance “devoid of camp,” more reviews from fake Roger Ebert, and one (1) shocking confession from Ariel. One or more of these movies may get on your nerves, but hey, buy the ticket, take the ride, right? You’re in good hands with us, we promise.

About our guest:

Pornsak Pichetshote is a Thai-American writer of comics and TV. His comic book series INFIDEL has been listed on NPR’s Best Horror Stories of all Time, featured on 20+ Best of the Year lists (including NPR, Barnes & Noble, Huffington Post & The Hollywood Reporter), and optioned for a feature film by Sugar23 and Tristar Pictures. His new book THE GOOD ASIAN has launched to industry acclaim. As a TV writer, his work includes Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Two Sentence Horror Stories, and Light as a Feather.

Movies discussed:

  • Green Room (2015)
  • Funny Games (1997)
  • Funny Games (2007)


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