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Ready for a twisted tale of greed, murder, and miraculous survival? We dive into the true crime horror of the Bluebelle ship massacre.

Back in the early 60s, a guy wanted to take his family on a private cruise. That’s all. He chartered a ketch out of Florida and spent a week at sea with his family, the ship’s captain, and the captain’s wife. What they didn’t expect was to never be heard from again, except for one tough-as-nails little girl. She was known as the Sea Orphan, but her real name was Terry-Job Duperrault.

Upon hearing of her survival, the other survivor, who was thought to be the lone one, Julian Harvey, asked to be excused from talking to the police. He then went to a motel and slashed various parts of his body, killing himself. In what was believed to be an insurance fraud situation gone awry, Harvey killed his wife and what he thought was the entirety of the Duperrault family before escaping on a sinking ship.

It’s a fascinating tale with a lot of crazy details, so you’ll have to listen to learn more!

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