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Women in Horror Month isn’t just about actresses and filmmakers, so we were thrilled to talk with Australian YouTuber and horror storyteller Horrocane (9 min) (2.21.20).

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In the time that I’ve interviewed all these incredible women in horror, I’ve gotten to speak with actresses, directors, writers, and performers. But Horrocane is a first. She’s a YouTuber from Australia. So not only is her location unique to the series, but so is her vocation. Talking from experience, YouTube is a tough place to break into. With the constantly changing algorithms, to the near daily updates to the monetization and discovery options, YouTube has made it hard for people who don’t already have an audience, which is what makes Horrocane so special.

What started as dreams of modeling has turned into so much more, with her talent in writing, and her ability to give life to other people’s stories. Her channel focuses on creative talent from herself, her acquaintances, and people from the internet, where she, or a guest reads them paired with some great production work. It takes a lot of bravery to start a YouTube channel, and even more hard work to maintain it. But if there is one thing with YouTube, the potential for success is indeed limitless.

Horrocane is one of those multi-talented individuals whose hard work and dedication have already started to pay off.

In spite of that, there is certainly room for her talent and her audience to grow.

So do yourself a favor and check out her YouTube channel, subscribe to it like I have, and continue to support women in horror — no matter what their chosen medium is. Remember, there’s more than just film out there for these wonderful creators. This is a chance to explore areas we might not have been familiar with, or even known existed.

You can find Horrocane’s YouTube channel here:

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