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We move from the mother of all witches to the king of the underworld on this week’s Ominous Origins, discussing the Mesopotamian god Nergal.

We are back again this week, and we’re going old school! Literally, we’re looking at a God from one of the oldest schools around, Ancient Mesopotamia, and that god is none other than the god of war, and ruler of the underworld, Nergal!



Nergal has a bit of an interesting story to him, from humble beginnings as a lowly god of war, to being recognized as the ruler of the underworld. But how, you might ask?

Well, a lot of it has to do with interpretation, but mostly good old-fashioned hard work and rage! I mean, who hasn’t raged their way to the top (or bottom in this case), and Nergal basically set the world on fire to prove a point: my kind of guy.

Regardless of what he did, and who he was, there’s something about the ancient Mesopotamian gods that are really interesting to me.

I like to think of them as the origin for most, if not all of the religious iconographies we have today. There are so many parallels than can be drawn to modern demons, gods, and rituals, which isn’t all that surprising really. Religion is like modern-day Hollywood; everything is a bit of a copy of something else just a bit older.



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