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Zombie sfx makeup is one of my favorite looks — with the decaying flesh and protruding bones, mutations and boils, different ways of infection and plenty of blood to spare!

I have always been obsessed with zombies. I love that these downright dumb monsters have been portrayed in our modern world for so long and in so many ways. From ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ to ‘Zombieland’, there are just so many ways in which a zombie can be approached! For me, zombie makeup has got to be among my favorite sfx makeup looks. The decaying flesh and protruding bones, mutations and boils, infections and plenty of blood make it a creative free-for-all. So, for today’s look I’m going for a classic. I’ve made a ‘Zombie bite’ out of scar wax and totally gored it up in my fashion. I placed my bite on my forearm, which if you think about it, is the most likely place you’d get bit during an attack!

sfx makeup

For this sfx makeup  look you’ll need:

  • Nose and Scar wax
  • Vaseline
  • Face powder
  • Red, black, blue and purple face paints
  • Fake blood
  • An old toothbrush
  • Makeup brushes
  • Tissues

Step 1:

Roll two balls of Scar Wax and press them flat. Place onto your skin and start to blend out with your fingers, using Vaseline where needed to smooth it out evenly. When you have done this, apply face powder to the area to remove any shine.

Step 2:

Now, there are two ways you can do this step. The first is to carve in teeth marks with a metal spatula, which can take some time and precision. Or, the second way, and the more fun in my opinion, is to bite into the wax. That’s right, bite right into it! You’ll get super realistic teeth marks in the fraction of the time, it’s also super satisfying! After this, I scraped away any excess wax and blended the edges again.

sfx makeup

Step 3:

Use red face paint first and paint inside the bite mark. Then, use some brown and black to add depth starting in the centre of the bite mark and working your way up. I then used blue and purple around the wound, stippling with a round makeup brush, to create a sore and infected appearance.

sfx makeup

Step 4:

This step is optional to create that infection-coursing-through-the-veins look. Using a fine tipped makeup brush, draw on veins with blue and purple face paints. Don’t worry about precision here; any mistakes can be improved with fake blood!

sfx makeup

Step 5:

Using fake blood, apply liberally in the bite wound and around the area with the tissue or a sponge. I went overboard with the blood, but that’s because I love a theatrical look! For the final touches, dip your toothbrush in the fake blood and flick some around the remaining skin.

You are now a zombie! This makeup is perfect for conventions like Comic Con and Horror Con. If you want a simple yet effective costume, team the bite wound with ripped clothes — you will look like you just walked out The Walking Dead!

Until next time, stay scary!

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