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With strong performances and a taut script, the psychological thriller “Anatomia” is a satisfying short that still leaves you craving more.


Writer/Director Kean Slade Gross unleashed his latest short, Anatomia on July 31st to a packed house at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NY.

In this 18-minute film, Gross explores the relationship between two women — Erin (Ashley Naglieri) and Sam (Carissa Tirico). Sam is preparing for someone to visit them, and Erin is laying on the bed more concerned about her father, who is unavoidably away. Sam has hatched a plan to seduce a man who she has had a crush on for some time. She thinks if they play their cards right they can share him.

When Mason (Matthias Campbell) arrives, Sam plies him with beers but he makes small talk with Erin. Mason is getting over a rough break-up with his girlfriend. It’s not long before Sam kickstarts her seduction of Mason and of Erin.

Erin and Sam are caricatures of the Freudian super-ego and the id.


Erin fantasizes about situations like the threesome Sam has planned, but as she explains, she never thought it would ever be a reality. Throughout, she seems hesitant to follow through and doesn’t go out of her way to take part in the seduction of Mason.

Sam is the classic id.

She is full of sexual energy with an underlying danger. She has a hunger to bring Mason into her sexual desires, but it’s not only about Mason. Sam believes getting Mason to agree to a threesome with her and Erin is the easy part, but she’s also seducing Erin. Sam is trying to break down Erin’s defenses and make her act on the same desires that Sam has.

The score by John A. Sansone is an eclectic mix of sounds and music. It does distract a bit from the living room scene between the three characters, but overall it works well with establishing the vibe for Anatomia.

Gross has delivered a solid erotic psychological thriller in a compact short film.


Anatomia is a complete story but enthralling enough that it leaves you wanting to see more.

Driven by a solid cast lead by an excellent performance from Carissa Tirico, I hope that the Anatomia storyline will be expanded upon in the future. Anatomia has a definitive ending but also leaves open the possibility for so much more from Erin and Sam.

There are no concrete release plans for Anatomia as of this writing, but keep an eye out for this well-made short film in upcoming festivals.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 3

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