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While we honor our loving moms this Mother’s Day, we can’t neglect to celebrate the memorable maniac moms that make horror great  

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re pleased to bring you ten of our favorite horror films featuring killer moms. This is a list of some of the most terrifying, bad ass, and utterly unforgettable matriarchs in horror movie history. Warning, there will be some spoilers ahead.

1. Friday the 13th (1980) 

A group of camp counselors who refused to heed the warnings are picked off one by one by Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer), the vengeful but loving mommy of a son named Jason who drowned years before because his counselors would rather fool around than look after him. She’s brutal and merciless, but most moms can understand her grief and rage.

2. Mother’s Day (1980) 

Two brothers kidnap and brutalize three women just to please their demented mom. The original film is a horror comedy written and directed by Charles Kaufman (the brother of Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman). If you’re looking for something darker, Darren Lynn Bousman directed a much darker and more brutal 2010 remake of the film starring Rebecca de Mornay that is definitely worth a watch as well. 

3. Frightmare (aka Cover Up) (1974) 

 The story focuses around Dorothy and Edmund Yates, who have recently been released from a mental asylum. Unfortunately, Dorothy is a murderer and a cannibal, and she’s in the mood to start killing again. Even worse, her daughter seems to have inherited her bloodlust. This British horror film is one of writer/director Pet Walker’s most notable films.

4. It’s Alive (1974)

A mommy gives birth to a baby infected by pollution that kills when it’s scared. Legendary SFX artist Rick Baker provided the makeup and puppet effects for this film.

5. Maniac (1980)

A severely disturbed serial killer kills women who resemble his mother. The film was written by Joe Spinell, who plays the lead character, and it features special effects by Tom Savini. The film was remade in 2012 by director Franck Khalfoun and produced by Alexandre Aja, starring Elijah Wood in the lead role. The remake is actually quite good, but the original is a must see slasher classic.

6. Scream 2 (1997)

In the well received sequel to the blockbuster film Scream, one of the original killer’s mommies goes on a slashing spree of her own. See the clever reveal in the video below, featuring kick ass scream queen Neve Campbell facing off against the wonderful Laurie Metcalfe as a maniac mommy hellbent on revenge.

7. Humongous (1982)

The monstrous offspring of a violent crime grows up in seclusion on a remote island, but even monsters just need a mommy to love them. When a boat-full of hapless teens find themselves shipwrecked on the island, unaware of what’s lurking in the woods, the monster’s rage is unleashed.

8. Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

When the son of a gun-wielding mama is murdered by neo-Nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, she hunts them down and exacts her murderous revenge in this Troma horror comedy classic.

9. Mother’s Boys (1993)

This film stars horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis as an unstable mom and divorcee who returns to stalk and terrorize the ex husband and children she left behind.

10. Night School (1981)

A killer who is pregnant exacts revenge on her lover’s mistresses in this 80s slasher.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies…ESPECIALLY to my Mom!

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