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We all love a good final girl, but the wicked women really know how to heat up the screen — and these ten female villains make being bad look so good.

Hello ghoulies and goblins, and welcome back to Morbidly Beautiful! I’m Miss J, and I’ve created quite the list for you guys this week! Since last week I did a top ten on final girls, I thought for this week I would do one on Female Horror Villains! There have been so many iconic Femme Fatale characters throughout the years, and I’ve compacted a list of some of the best to ever shed blood on screen.

10. Abby Russel — Nurse 3D (2013)

This is one of those movies that the horror community either really loved or really hated. Abbey Russel is a seductress nurse who has an interesting hobby when she clocks out; she enjoys killing cheating men! Paz Del La Huerta is the actress who plays Abbey, and she gives us a performance that I like to call a hot mess: It’s when you can’t tell if the actor is playing the character that way or if they are just being themselves! It’s not a movie that you can take seriously, but Paz is most certainly interesting to watch!

For the people that enjoyed the movie, we’ve all been secretly hoping for a sequel, however, Paz has gone on record saying that this movie ruined her career. I’m not necessarily sure she had one to begin with, since a lot of drama seems to surround her, but she is still cool enough to get onto this in our number ten spot!

9. Mary Mason — American Mary (2012)

The Soska twins wrote the character Mary Mason with Katharine Isabelle in mind to play the character. She starts off like a normal girl but after being sexually assaulted by her professor, Mary drops out of school and becomes a body modifier and goes into a downward spiral of blood and scalpel; making her one dangerous woman.

This movie is the first to have so much Body modifications since Hellraiser. Interestingly, the Soska twins named character Billy Barker after Clive Barker, who wrote and directed that horror classic. American Mary definitely knows how to wield a needle, and that’s why she is on this list!

8. Mary Shaw — Dead Silence (2007)

I’m starting to see a pattern here…stay away from Marys! This was one of my favorite horror movies to come out in the 2000s despite its box office failure. Mary Shaw was played by the hauntingly classic Judith Roberts and was directed by none other than James Wan, a legend amongst the horror community. Mary Shaw was a successful ventriloquist when a little boy accused her in front of a full audience that he could see her lips moving.

The little boy ends up dead and angry parents go after Mary Shaw. She is buried with all her dolls and plagues the town in ghost form. The town’s descendants are forever cursed, and even moving far away won’t stop her from haunting them! Mary Shaw makes us want to scream, and that’s why she made it to the list!

7. Santanico Pandemonium — From Dusk till Dawn (1996)

How spicy is our next female villain? Salma Hayek plays vampire Santanico in this Robert Rodriguez directed movie. Salma gives us a sexual and sultry performance as Santanico, who is a dancer by day and Vampire by night. In the movie, we see Santanico give a dance performance with an Albino Burmese Python wrapped around her, but Salma had a real phobia of snakes. It was so bad that she didn’t think she could take the part.

But after some coaxing by the director, Salma spend two months with therapists to overcome her fear. Now that is dedication! She also free-styled her dance scene and didn’t have any choreography or previous training to go by; she simply felt the music. She compels us using her body to lure her way onto this list!

6. Akasha — Queen of the Damned (2002)

This was the last work of the beautiful and talented Aaliyah; and she gave us such an iconic performance to remember her by. She unfortunately passed away in a plane crash before the final stages of editing. They brought Aaliyah’s brother in and recorded his voice to be dubbed in with hers, so that the film could be completed. Akasha is Queen of all vampires, and she is awakened by Lestat, who she wants to make her King. She has no humanity or compassion for humans and believes they are merely food; and the other Vampires are not impressed by her wicked ways.

Aaliyah’s acting left such an impression that a fan of the movie killed his friend and claimed it was Queen Akasha that told him to do it, which is total insanity. The movie was dedicated in her memory, and she has been greatly missed by her fans.

5. Lucille Sharpe — Crimson Peak (2015)

Jessica Chastain as Lucille Sharpe is the definition of Femme Fatale in this amazing work of art, directed by horror legend himself, Guillermo Del Toro. Lucille is a gothic beauty who doesn’t care too much for her brother’s