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Get your first look at the hotly anticipated “Subspecies” prequel, “Blood Rise: Subspecies V”, and chronicle the rise of vampire Radu.

It’s finally here! The trailer for Full Moon Features’ BLOOD RISE: SUBSPECIES V just landed. BLOOD RISE is the long-awaited prequel to Full Moon Features’ cult-classic franchise, Subspecies, one of the most famous vampire film series of all time.

Spanning 500 years in the life of the vampire Radu Vladislas, this long-anticipated prequel to the Subspecies series chronicles Radu’s descent from a noble warrior for the Church to a depraved creature of the night.

Stolen by crusaders on the night of his birth, he has no knowledge of his bloodline; his mother is a demon, and his father is a vampire. Trained and exploited by a brotherhood of mystic monks to slay all enemies of the church, fate brings him back one night to the castle of his father, armed with the monster-slaying Sword of Laertes, to destroy the vampire Vladislas and reclaim a holy relic: The Bloodstone.

The events of that night turn Radu from a nobleman into a vampire with no master.

He embarks on a centuries-long quest for sustenance, and companionship, for the treacherous one who stole him from the sun and for the Bloodstone he hopes will bring him peace.

Series regular Anders Hove (Subspecies, “General Hospital”) returns as the vampire Radu, and Denice Duff (Subspecies, Dark Vengeance) returns to the film series in her new role as Helena. Duff is a familiar face to fans, having played Michelle Morgan for the last three main Subspecies movies.

Charles Band executive produces, and Director Ted Nicolaou also returns, making him one of the only directors to helm every entry in a single horror franchise.

BLOOD RISE: SUBSPECIES V is set to premiere exclusively on Full Moon Features this month (February 2023) and will be available on Amazon Prime shortly after its debut.

Check out the film’s new trailer below. 

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