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Though it’s a well-tread territory, we head back to Camp Crystal Lake for a fond retrospective look at slasher royalty, “Friday the 13th”.

Hello, and welcome to the reboot of Drekcula’s Underworld. I’ve added some exciting new segments, and I will now have a co-host joining me on this journey through the hallowed halls of horror.

For this episode, I’m joined by my best friend of many years, Austin. He’s a lover of horror as well. He has lent his voice to my Anthology series “Tales from the Underworld” (I’m currently working on the next season).

It was not difficult to decide what film to start with after my long hiatus. Friday the 13th is my favorite slasher series of all time. I love the simple but effective story of a deranged mama’s boy turned supernatural Zombie-ghost-thing terrorizing everyone who enters Crystal Lake, the home of his childhood tragedy. Later in the series, he leaves the nest to test his hacking skills in the big city and even in space.

Now, I know this series has been covered to death (pardon the pun). And I know there’s not much I can add at this point. But this is a podcast about horror passion, and this one is just too near and dear to my heart to ignore. If you love it as much as I do, I hope you’ll enjoy this nostalgic look back at an essential horror classic, and we can revel together in just how important this film and franchise are to the genre.

I hope you enjoy this new chapter in the podcast, and be sure to send me suggestions for any movies you’d like to see covered on the podcast. You can find my socials, links to past episodes, and even an option to leave me a voice message on my show page here.

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