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In a demented doubleheader, we gear up from extreme horror to see if “Terrifier” and its wildly successful sequel are worth the hype.

Clowns have a peculiar and multifaceted historical background, encompassing roles as Jester’s entertaining royalty to becoming popular figures in children’s entertainment over the years. However, there have been instances where the clown image has been marred by those who adopted it for malicious purposes, tarnishing its innocent reputation. In this context, Art the Clown emerges as a significant character worth exploring.

Initially introduced in the 2013 film All Hallows Eve, Art the Clown now takes center stage in Terrifier, a full-fledged slasher movie that promises to be a disturbing and unsettling experience. The film delves into its antagonist’s dark and twisted psyche, challenging conventional perceptions of clowns.

Although I tend to gravitate towards psychological thrillers with elements of horror and plot twists, I decided to give Terrifier a chance, albeit cautiously. Extreme gore and splatter films, which feature prominently in various ”Iceberg challenge” lists, have never been my cup of tea due to their borderline realism and graphic nature.

To my surprise, Terrifier defied initial expectations.

Despite starting like your typical B-movie with subpar acting and a weak plot, the film rose above these limitations, primarily due to its expertly executed practical effects and well-crafted atmosphere of dread.

The film’s Antagonist, Art the Clown, portrayed masterfully by David Howard Thornton, exudes an eerie and sinister presence that leaves an indelible mark on the audience.

The kills are unapologetically brutal and detailed, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of the practical effects team.

The narrative in Terrifier appears somewhat hazy at first, but it soon becomes apparent that this artistic choice is intentional. It offers us a glimpse into the mind of a disturbed individual who approaches his sadistic acts with a childlike sense of play.

For Art, his victims are mere toys, and when they fail to amuse him, he callously terminates their existence, displaying no remorse and denying them the chance to beg for their lives.

Intriguingly, this animalistic and emotionless approach to violence adds an unconventional layer of depth to the film. It transcends the conventional slasher formula by exploring the antagonist’s psyche, providing a glimpse into the mind of a malevolent force in human form.

While Terrifier may not appeal to everyone, especially those with a weak stomach, it offers a unique and chilling experience for those who appreciate delving into the darker realms of horror. The film’s ability to delve into the disturbing mentality of Art the Clown makes it an unsettling and captivating watch, serving as a grim reminder that clowns, with their painted smiles, can hide more sinister intentions beneath their facade.


Art the Clown makes Pennywise look like a cuddly chew toy. He’s got that silent, deadly vibe that’ll haunt your nightmares for weeks. Kudos to the makeup and costume team, who’ve turned Art into the stuff of childhood fears and midnight terrors.

And let’s not forget the kills, my friends, because Terrifier 2 went above my standards in a few kills. We’re talking about some that’ll make you squirm in your seat but, at the same time, make you chuckle. Art’s like the MacGyver of murder, always finding a way to turn everyday objects into instruments of mayhem. You’ve got to appreciate his resourcefulness, even if it’s the kind that gives you the creeps.

Now, about the story… Well, it’s a bit of a wild ride. But you know what? Sometimes a rollercoaster of chaos is just what the coroner DID NOT ORDER, especially when you’ve got Art the Clown causing chaos left and right.

Like its predecessor, Terrifier 2 isn’t for everyone.

If you’re not a fan of over-the-top gore, in-your-face violence, or creepy clowns that make your skin crawl, this might not be your cup of tea.

But for those open to just about anything in horror, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for the madness. Just brace yourself; things get messy — like ”how-did-they-even-get-away-with-that” kind of messy.

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