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In this episode, we dare to explore Tubi’s hidden backwoods horror films, slicing and dicing “Butchers” and “He’s Out There”.

We’re mixing things up on the show! Our brand-new format is more fun and allows you to play with us. In this episode, listen along as we pick our Tubi films in real time. Find out what two main films will be unearthed for discussion and what two bonus films we chose for individual exploration. If you want to watch these films to avoid spoilers in our two-part deep dive, you can do so — or wait for us to tell you if each film is worth your time.

Be sure to stay to the end for a few backwoods horror recommendations, where we present some of our favorite underrated or underseen horror gems that are well worth checking out. Then check out part one and two of the episode below to find out if our Tubi picks turned out to be buried treasure or toxic waste.


Butchers backwoods horror

In part one of our deep dive into Tubi’s backwoods horror offering, we take a chance on Butchers, a 2020 Canadian slasher film directed by Adrian Langley. It’s about two sadistic brothers living in the backcountry who consider anyone who crosses their path to be dead meat. While we were fully ready to roast this one, expecting it to be another horror hatchet job, we found ourselves delighted by its sadistic charms and warmed by its weirdness.

This is one we were happy to carve up and serve to our fellow fans of backwoods/redneck horror. It’s proof that Tubi does indeed have treasures worth mining. Don’t miss this episode; it sizzles!


He's Out There backwoods horror slasher

In part two of our deep dive into Tubi’s backwoods horror offering, we go searching for treasure only to find the lackluster 2018 American slasher/home invasions/survival horror He’s Out There, directed by Dennis Iliadis using the Alan Smithee-like alias Quinn Lasher).

There may be a good reason Iliadis opted to remove his name from this film about a mother and her two young daughters getting terrorized by a masked maniac while vacationing at their remote lake house. Having just celebrated Thanksgiving in America, we can tell you it’s not a complete turkey. But it’s also kind of bland and unsatisfying in so many ways. It left us craving more. Listen as we slice and dice this strange bird.

Plus, stick around for our two bonus picks to see if 2016’s campy queer slasher Pitchfork and 2007’s teen haunted house slasher House of Fears end up being hot picks or if they leave us cold.

PS – Here’s a link to that Pitchfork review we reference on the episode.

Ready to take the road less traveled with us? We may end up hanging on a hook, or we may just uncover some unexpected hidden Tubi horrors!


Tubi is a surprisingly deep well of great genre content, but it’s hit or miss. In this show, two lifelong horror-obsessed cinephiles do the digging for you so you know what’s worth your time. Our goal is to help you discover great films you never knew existed.

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