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In this episode, we saddle up to a couple of wildly different infected horror films from Tubi: “What We Become” and “Mad Cowgirl”.

What We Become

What We Become

Armed with nothing more than a movie poster and brief synopsis, Jamie and Steph go mining for Tubi treasures, exploring the world of infected horror — that’s horror films where someone (or many someones) gets infected by some kind of disease or plague, and nastiness ensues.

Things get weird and icky as we determine if the 2015 Danish Horror film WHAT WE BECOME and the 2006 grindhouse oddity MAD COWGIRL are infectious delights or a plague upon viewers.

What We Become is a 2015 Danish horror movie directed by Bo Mikkelson, and it is the first post-apocalyptic zombie movie to be made in Denmark. It has the chilling tagline: “Stay home. Lock up. Don’t breathe.”

Mad Cowgirl is a low-budget film by Gregory Hatanaka released in 2006.

Infected Horror Mad Cowgirl

Mad Cowgirl

Hatanaka dedicated the movie to Doris Wishman, who directed 1960s sexploitation films such as Diary of a Nudist, Behind the Nudist Curtain, and Bad Girls Go to Hell. He also dedicated it to filmmaker John Cassavetes, widely regarded as one of the most daring and influential filmmakers of the 20th century.

It’s about an ass-kicking health inspector with a failed marriage, an ongoing affair with a creepy televangelist, nymphomania, and an obsession with old kung-fu movies. Further complicating her life is a very questionable relationship with her brother Thierry (James Duval from The Doom Generation and Donnie Darko), a meat importer who may or may not have infected her with mad cow disease.

Saddle up and prepare for a wild ride! 

Both films made us think and gave us plenty to dissect. One film is a beautifully made arthouse gem with heartbreaking gravitas. The other is an ode to sleazeploitation and Asian trash cinema while still being surprisingly smart and subversive. 


Untold Horrors

A long-time writer for Morbidly Beautiful, Jamie Marino has been a horror movie fan since grade school. His horror movie library currently stands at over 4,000 titles. He graduated with honors from King’s College with a degree in Literature/Creative Writing, as well as a double major in Philosophy. Morbidly Beautiful Founder and editor-in-chief Stephanie Malone is a professional writer, editor, graphic designer, and VP of Marketing. She attended Film School and has an English and Marketing degree. She’s a passionate supporter of indie film, a producer, and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic. 


Tubi is a surprisingly deep well of great genre content, but it’s hit or miss. In this show, two lifelong horror-obsessed cinephiles do the digging for you so you know what’s worth your time. Our goal is to help you discover great films you never knew existed. To find our buried treasure, we take turns picking a theme or subgenre of film. Then each of us searches Tubi to find three intriguing-looking films we’ve never seen or heard of, and we both pick one film from the list of three presented to us by our co-host — picking solely based on poster art and a brief synopsis (no trailers and no ratings or reviews). We go with our gut and roll the dice. They won’t all be gems. But, hopefully, we’ll find some gold along the way.

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