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In this episode, we get educated on Tubi’s hidden school horror films, studying up on “Camp Blood: First Slaughter” and “Signal 101”.

Armed with nothing more than a movie poster and a brief synopsis, Jamie and Steph go mining for Tubi treasures, exploring the world of school horror.

We discuss the 2014 direct-to-DVD, ultra-low-budget slasher written and directed by the infamous Mark Polonia, CAMP BLOOD: FIRST SLAUGHTER, and the 2019 manga-adapted Japanese horror film SIGNAL 100 about a classroom of high school students hypnotized by their teacher and programmed to kill themselves when exposed to one of 100 sensory triggers.

Do these blind picks pass the test, or are they complete failures?

Class is in session! Take your seats, and listen attentively as we get educated on more hidden Tubi horrors. 


Untold Horrors

A long-time writer for Morbidly Beautiful, Jamie Marino has been a horror movie fan since grade school. His horror movie library currently stands at over 4,000 titles. He graduated with honors from King’s College with a degree in Literature/Creative Writing, as well as a double major in Philosophy. Morbidly Beautiful Founder and editor-in-chief Stephanie Malone is a professional writer, editor, graphic designer, and VP of Marketing. She attended Film School and has an English and Marketing degree. She’s a passionate supporter of indie film, a producer, and a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic. 


Tubi is a surprisingly deep well of great genre content, but it’s hit or miss. In this show, two lifelong horror-obsessed cinephiles do the digging for you so you know what’s worth your time. Our goal is to help you discover great films you never knew existed. To find our buried treasure, we take turns picking a theme or subgenre of film. Then each of us searches Tubi to find three intriguing-looking films we’ve never seen or heard of, and we both pick one film from the list of three presented to us by our co-host — picking solely based on poster art and a brief synopsis (no trailers and no ratings or reviews). We go with our gut and roll the dice. They won’t all be gems. But, hopefully, we’ll find some gold along the way.

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Artwork and show music by Stephanie Malone

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