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Everyone gets it in the end in the bonkers, oddly satisfying, rape-revenge slasher “Sodomaniac” that’s more fun than it has any right to be.


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Welcome to your weekly dose of the extreme, my Morbidly Beautiful readers.

Thanks to our friends over at Wild Eye Releasing, I’ve come into possession of some of the most vile, sick, disgusting, and wonderful independent horror around from Wild Eye’s “Raw & Extreme” line of films. We started this limited series with a bang, reviewing The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre. Then we tackled the trashy and mean-as-hell The Streets Run Red. If you’re still here after that bit of brutality, I’m pleased to welcome you back. 

This week, we’re back to the fun, tongue-in-cheek ultraviolence with Sodomaniac.

With that title, you can guess where this one goes. It’s got a lot of butt stuff going on. As a fan of butt stuff myself, I wasn’t sure what we’d get with this one.

I can say I was pleasantly surprised with this nasty little revenge slasher from director & writer Anthony Catanese because it seems that he knew the assignment when making a movie called SODOMANIAC.

And with that, let’s review this bad boy.

Sodomaniac focuses on a pieces-of-shit group of men who call themselves “The Wolfpack” who go to parties full of impressionable young women, booze, and opportunity. At these parties, the toilet-bros in The Wolfpack drug women for a non-consensual rendezvous later in the night.

And then the Sodomaniac comes around to give them a taste of their own rectal medicine by bending them over and filling them full of the bloody, fatal consequences of their own actions.

Yes, a revenge killer is running around in this movie and butt fucking date-rapists to death. If that’s not enough for you, he’s doing it while wearing a giant ass mask, complete with a cute little butthole right in the middle of it.

If any of that sounds like a fun time to you, you’re in luck… because it IS fun. It’s very fun. And the killer’s reveal is done in a very fun way, too. This is just a good time all around.

What’s great about this movie is that it handles a harsh subject (date rape/sexual assault) in a way that doesn’t make it the butt of the joke (no pun intended), nor does it remove the importance of the issue.

It uses it in a way that’s unfortunately realistic, but the realism of the issue allows the Sodomaniac to come in and shine as the vengeful slasher who takes these villains out in the violating way that they were just weaponizing against the women they’ve drugged.

It’s a razor-thin, tight rope to walk, and I feel like they did it as well as they could for this dark horror comedy.

As with most of these no-budget Wild Eye Releasing films, some corners are cut. However, overall, I can honestly say that the effects and visuals are pretty solid. They’re not amazing by any stretch, but as a pitch-black horror comedy with an almost Troma-like approach to the material, it fits very well—and it’s as gross as you could imagine.

The men in The Wolfpack are the worst of the worst with no redeeming human qualities whatsoever, and that is exactly who we need them to be when they meet their demise.

The Sodomaniac design is hilarious in its simplicity. It’s just a guy in biker clothes wearing a GIANT ass mask. I mentioned it above, but the little perfectly circular asshole in the middle is truly the chef’s kiss on the design.

Lastly, the direction here is done very well. The camera work during the kill scenes is great because it gives us a view that doesn’t exactly fit in with mainstream cinema death scenes and shows how DIY filmmaking can shine when given the opportunity.

I offer very high marks to the director and crew behind the visuals.

This is the type of pitch-black extreme horror comedy that begs for a group watch party or midnight movie showing at the theater.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 3.5
Next week, we’ll be getting weird. Really weird. If you have a cat you love and would do anything for, this one may speak to you. Next week, we’re going deep into the darkness of the fractured psyche of a man who loves his cat in Cat Sick Blues. See you next time, gorehounds. 

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