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If you have a strong stomach and taste for the filthier, more demented, gorier side of horror, buckle up for “The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre”.

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Welcome to your weekly dose of the extreme, my Morbidly Beautiful readers.

Thanks to our friends over at Wild Eye Releasing, I’ve come into possession of some of the most vile, sick, disgusting, and wonderful independent horror around from Wild Eye’s “Raw & Extreme” line of films. And we’re starting off this limited series with a bang, reviewing The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre.

Before we get started, please take note that it’s a whole hell of a lot more like The Next Generation than any other entry of the legendary Chainsaw franchise.

This neon-tinted pile of filth stars a bunch of folks that you’ve never heard of, and it is directed by what I can only assume is a pile of illicit drugs that haven’t been dosed properly working under the name Manolito Motosierra. Motosierra also wrote this film, and from the start, you can tell that there is love for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

With that said, we’re also here to have fun, so the movie is absolutely bat shit insane.

The film centers around a Spanish heavy metal band going on tour to promote their first album. While on the road, they break down and must stay the night in a small town inhabited by some of the most disgusting people there are.

Am I talking about cannibals? Why yes, I am. Am I also talking about psychotic murderers? Well, goddamn, I absolutely am! And am I also talking about at least one guy who is addicted to the chef’s “special chocolate” (that he makes inside of his own colon)? Unfortunately, I definitely am.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a car breakdown, but if you have, I can assure you that these guys have it way worse than you did.

Spending the night in a town full of cannibalistic, shit-eating murderers sounds like one hell of a rough night if you ask me.

One thing that you’ll notice as a common theme with these Wild Eye Releasing “Raw & Extreme” titles is that they generally lean hard into the gross stuff.

We’re talking cartoonish levels of gore, poop gags, all kinds of bodily functions, and more. There is also a considerable amount of sexual violence in many of these films, so please take note of that before you pop any of these ones on.

These are micro-budget independent horror films, and the filmmakers tend to use much of that budget for the practical effects, which is something I love.

That’s one thing I love about Wild Eye: they give indie artists a platform they may not have gotten before. Even if the film isn’t my cup of tea, I appreciate that. More indie horror being seen by more people is never bad in my book.

But now, back to the stool-gargling cannibal psychos murdering a metal band!

The band members are all completely unlikeable characters, so it makes all their deaths all that much better. Sometimes, I like my horror victims to have some likeability, so I have an emotional connection when they perish. Sometimes, I like them to be an irredeemable piece of shit, so I cheer when they get bludgeoned into the dark void of death’s embrace by a giant Spanish cannibal.

The death scenes are where this film shines, make no mistake.

And the deaths are what we’re truly here for in a film like this.

They bring me back to some underrated gory gems like the 2001 Maniacs remake and the sequel, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams.

We get strangulations, pieces of living meat being hacked away by cleavers, entrail buffets, and more. One stand-out scene to me comes at the expense of one of our unlikable band members as one of the women turns his junk into an after-dinner Lolli-Cock.

The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre is pure, unadulterated B-movie madness on a shoestring indie budget.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a good movie; it is, however, an absolutely insane, fun trip down the sleazy road of the “Raw & Extreme” side of Wild Eye Releasing.

You can check this one out on Tubi.

Written by Jonas Barnes, co-Host of Another Goddamn Horror Podcast on The Morbidly Beautiful Horror Network.

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