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I am from tiny clothes, monsters of color
As I grew, countless layers were scraped off
Now black is my cotton armor, a dark matter blanket
It must break your heart, and for that I am sorry
But this is what I am now.

I am from chattering joy and smiles, constantly talking
As I grew, my heart and tongue were cut out, and people became enemies
Now I never share thoughts, and stubbornly maintain eye contact with the floor
You must miss that part of me
But this is what I am now.

I am from the harmless comforts of childhood, tingling with life and excitement
As I grew, something inside me fell asleep
Now my comatose dreams are the safest thoughts in the world
I know you want to pull me out of the hole, but it’s impossible
This is what I am now
And what I am feeds and satisfies me.

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