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My Peaceful Red Daydream

Her smiling darkness casts a charming spell, like black oil

dripping on unbreakable porcelain. Be brave, look beyond

her taut wire eyelashes and into her bluegrey diamond eyes . . .

unnatural winds stroke the phone cord curls that pour down

onto her bare shoulders like a waterfall . . .

Her shadowy mysteries smell like cherry Jolly Ranchers,

red lipstick, wet raincoats, and fresh black nail polish.

When she moves, her scent scrapes the air like tree

branches brushing against a window in a thunderstorm.

She presents me with a fist, opens it, and reveals a purple

rose. Watching her spin in her elegant black dress, I cannot

think of any other fabric that drips black pearls so


Silent, heartbreaking enchantments and comforting,

natural happiness . . . she takes my hand and pulls me close . . .

her scent and her dress surround me as we kiss . . .

Then the cold slowly begins to overwhelm me.

I feel her absorb my blood and gently remove the

razorblade from my hand.



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